Free Carpet Tile Samples

Screens can be misleading and textures must be touched to be believed so we launched our handy free sample service so you can get hands on.
"How do I request my free carpet tile samples?" we hear you ask - well step inside and let us show you exactly what to do but don’t get too comfy because like with everything else here at DCTUK, we like to make things as quick, easy and stress-free as possible. Our web design whizz and his tech-savvy minions have worked their (sometimes quite smelly) socks off to make ordering your free samples a real breeze so you can be 200% sure when making your final decisions on the style, colour and design of your new flooring solution.

Getting your mitts on some samples is a great way to establish what the carpet tile feels like and looks like in the flesh (or fabric). You will be able to get a better idea about whether it’s the right shade for the interior you have in mind, if the thickness is plush enough for you and if the texture is something you’re going to get on with. Carpet tiles are a very touchy feely kinda product and we understand that most of them are best appreciated in person so here goes...
1. Ready, set, go!

Plonk yourself on our snazzy homepage then click the Carpet Tiles button from the main menu. From here you can peruse our extensive collection of carpet tiles from some of the biggest brands in the business, or be inspired by our colour-specific pages and price advice before making a decision.

2. The selection process

Once you’ve found the brand or brands that float your boat, you will need to explore the variety of ranges and products and begin to narrow your selections down as we offer a maximum of 4 free samples. Do look closely because each brand has its own brilliant benefits. For example our exclusive Nouveau Home and Nouveau Commercial ranges are unbeatable on price, while Modulyss are particularly eco-conscious.

3. Finding the hue for you

Okay so you’ve found a brand, range and product that has sparked your interest…what now? Well now it’s the exciting part - picking colours! This is always the most thrilling part of any interior design process (apart from the feeling of relief when everything is completed and you can put your feet up, of course). Each range will have a few shades or designs to choose from so work your way through those by scrolling over the close-up thumbnails or using the handy dropdown box next to the price information.

4. Filling your samples box

When you’ve come to a colour-based conclusion, simply hit the Request Sample button (which is also next to the price) and a green bar will appear across the top of your screen telling you that the tile has been added to your Samples Box. From here you can either Dismiss (if you’ve made a mistake or changed your mind), carry on browsing until you’ve collected all the samples you need or go on to View your Samples Box.

5. The boring form-filling part

Once you make it to your Samples Box, you can review your selections and then either continue shopping or go straight for the big green Request Samples button. Choosing the latter will take you straight to a new page where you will need to fill in your delivery details and personal information so we know where to send your samples and what to do with your package if you’re out and about when the delivery peeps call. You will then be taken to a final page where we will provide you with a unique Samples Request ID for future reference - just keep this somewhere safe for now.

You can usually expect your free samples to turn up on your doorstep with 2-3 days of requesting them but do bear with us on the rare occasion this isn’t the case as some may be coming straight from the manufacturer which can take just a little bit longer.

We do also offer a pretty nifty Match My Colour service if you already have a specific carpet tile, wall colour or piece of furniture that you’re working around. All you gotta do is take a snap of the tile, paint, fabric, pet, food, family member, pair of shoes or quite literally anything you’re attempting to co-ordinate, upload it to our Match My Colour mini site and we’ll do the rest for you.

Need help?

If you want more information about products and services then get in touch with our wonderful sales team by sending an email to sales@dctukgroup.com or picking up the old dog ’n’ bone and dialling 0345 222 1544. We’re confident in our prices and even more confident that we can put a smile on your face and spare change in your pocket!

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