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Classroom Carpet Tiles

For all those simple solutions to your carpet tile
conundrums that promise to pass the test of time with flying colours.
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Carpet Tiles for Classrooms

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First class entrance inspo

Listen up class, we’re here today to give you a lesson in interior design for any school or university classroom that is just crying out for a flooring solution that brings dynamism and functionality to the table. Sit up straight and concentrate hard because we don’t share our style secrets with just anyone, you know? Don’t end up in design detention - consult our product recommendations and useful guides to take your project to the top of the class.

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Top Tips

Buying for Classrooms

Classrooms aren’t only daunting for those of you who haven’t done your homework, they’re also pretty intrepid for the humble carpet tile that gets regularly punished by muddy feet and heavy furniture. Go for something with anti-bacterial properties, sound protection and resilient rubbling fastness to reinforce durability and lifespan.

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