SHOP THE LOOK: Modulyss Step and Modulyss Millennium Nxtgen

Modulyss Step and Modulyss Millennium Nxtgen

Some say simplicity is the key to life, and we believe it's also a good idea when it comes to a great design when using carpet tiles. In this 200m2 project in the Shoreditch area of London we fitted Modulyss Step carpet tiles and Modulyss Millennium Nxtgen carpet tiles. We used a solid black colour from Millennium Nxtgen and then used a green from Modulyss Step and a light blue from Modulyss Millennium Nxtgen to create this really simple idea. We think it adds just a touch of style to what would usually be a standard black carpet tile finish. Here's how you can get the same look...

1. Add the number of tiles or metreage you require.