Commercial Wallcoverings

Wallcoverings for the home and workplace with nationwide fitting

We are well aware DCTUK is the king of the floor so why not extend all our greatness to the wall's world?! Prepare to be mesmerized with the numerous options we've selected. You want your wallcovering to have a different texture?! We've got you back with our Fabric Backed Vinyl options! You want a colourful board for teaching?! No worries that's why we're here for! You can even be a bit of a diva and match your wall design with your carpet pillow blanket or whatever you want. Just send us a picture! We have a bespoke digital service available!

Buy Online FBV

All of these fabric backed vinyl wallcoverings can be bought online and are stocked in the UK.


MemErase is a great solution for meeting rooms and classrooms. Perfect for boards! Black?! White?! Have a look!


Our Wallmotion image library is brilliant and super easy. Browse our images and choose one for your wall.

Bespoke Digital

Have an image that you like? We'll make a wall paper out of it! Any image the possibilities are limitless!

Wallcovering Adhesives

Our wallcoverings have a set of adhesive's specifically designed for their application process. The chosen adhesive depends on the condition of the wall that the wallcovering is being placed on.

5kg Heavy Bond Adhesive

For most wall types.

10kg Heavy Bond Adhesive

For most wall types.

5kg Easy Strip Adhesive

For use on dry lined walls.

5kg Sealed Surface Adhesive

For use on sealed surfaces.
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