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Cool and cost effective, welcome to the future of creativity for classrooms and meetings. MemErase from Muraspec is a wallcovering designed for you to write on. Ideal for universities, schools, and meeting rooms. You can now have your drawing board built into the interior. MemErase comes in a selection of colours, including a magnetic version! If the wallcovering version is not your thing, we also provide MemErase in a paint version. This white board paint is perfect if you have a smooth wall such as in a school classroom environment or a funky workspace breakout area. We also provide a clear paint version which allows you to turn any coloured wall into a whiteboard for marker pens.

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MemErase Wallcoverings

Dry Erase wallcoverings in different colours for workplaces and classrooms

MemErase Wall Paint

Dry Ease surface paint that enables you to turn an ordinary wall into a white board in minutes!