Workplace Spring Sale

Up to 50% off + a free plant for your office

It's time for a fresh start...🌱

Spring has sprung so let's spruce up your workspace with these nature-inspired carpet tiles and LVTs! Say goodbye to dull flooring and hello to vibrant colours and beautiful designs that'll transport you to your very own oasis. Get those creative juices flowing in a workspace bursting with life!

Free Office Plant!

Looking to add a spring in your step? We've got a bloomin' great deal for you! Not only are our products up to 50% off, if you spend £999 (ex VAT) or over you'll get a free plant for your workspace or office!🌷

Just enter the code [EXPIRED CODE] at checkout if you spend £999 or over to get a free plant.

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Low Price Carpet Tiles Inspired by Nature

Revamp your workspace with these stunning nature-inspired carpet tiles at an affordable price! With beautiful designs and vibrant colours, you'll feel like you've brought the great outdoors inside. So let your creativity flourish and get inspired by the beauty of nature - order your tiles today!
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Premium Carpet Tiles Inspired by Nature

Escape the city stress with our premium carpet tiles! Designed with nature-inspired elements, these tiles create a positive and calming atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after a busy day. Step into paradise and leave the stress behind with these amazing carpet tiles - your mind and body will thank you!
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Luxury Vinyl Tiles Inspired by Nature

Bring nature inside with our biophilic LVT collection! With wood and stone designs that are both stunning and unique, these tiles will transform your space into a relaxing and energizing oasis. Don't settle for boring flooring - upgrade to our biophilic LVTs and experience the magic of nature!