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A Look Under Your Carpet Tiles


A Look Under Your Carpet Tiles

Here at DCTUK, we are all about flooring, and not just the top layer. It’s time to lift the tiles and have a look at sub-flooring

What is a sub-floor?

Sub-flooring is the foundation for a floor in a building. This is what you lay your carpet tiles or vinyl on. It is important that before putting a new floor in that you pay attention to your sub-flooring just as much as you when you are picking your carpet tiles and vinyl. 

Screeding Floor
Screeding Sub-floor

Sub-Flooring and Vinyl

When you are laying vinyl your sub-floor needs to be practically perfect. If you have any blimps or blemishes in your sub-floor these will start to show when your vinyl settles. So how do you make sure your floor is ready for laying your flooring on?


Screed is a levelled layer of material which is applied to a sub-floor to make it level. Here at DCTUK, we have selected some special self-levelling screed. These screeds once mixed and placed on the floor will create a levelled layer.

Screed is good for when your floor is very uneven. After screening the floor, you can then lay your carpet or vinyl down using the correct adhesive.

Nouveau Vintage Plank
Super Flow 30
Nouveau Play
Arditex NA


Not all flooring needs screed, your floor may already have plywood is in place, but you still have slight gaps in-between the board. If you lay your vinyl down without filling these gaps in, they may start to show over time in the vinyl.

Feathering provides that final touch to your sub-flooring provided a smooth finish across blemishes and filling in unwanted small gaps.

Nouveau Vintage Plank
Tilemaster Feather
Nouveau Play
Ardex Feather Finish

Did you Know?

Here at DCTUK, we have specialist fitters for vinyl flooring. We offer our bespoke installation service for orders of over 50m2 and call upon our team of expert fitters to make sure you achieve that professional finish every time.

We’re here to help. If you are confused or unsure about your sub-floor, then give our team a call.