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Our Team

We know that most of the time, it is good to put a face to the name so let us introduce Team DCTUK

From an ex-footballer to a self-confessed square-eyed film buff, we're a mixed bag of marvellous minions and we thought you might be interested to know a little bit more about the people you're taking to on the phone or the brains behind those pesky promotional emails that keep clogging up your inbox. So without further ado, let us introduce you to Team DCTUK!

Kevin Field - Director

Despite having his fingers in a whole host of business pies, Kevin always makes time for lunch with the team. His favourite tile is also a popular choice among customers and it’s Nouveau Connections.

Dean Field - Director

As well as looking after team DCT, Dean also loves spending time with his Mrs, their little ones and a good book. His top tile is Nouveau Waves for it’s unique design, outstanding quality and affordable price.

James Hennessy - Mr. Motivator

As our Sales & Distribution Manager, James works hard to keep DCTUK on top. Like a kid in a candy shop, he is spoilt for choice when it comes to our tiles and loves anything Nouveau.

Heather Davies - Livechat Champion

When it comes to puppies, piglets and pretty much any small animal, Heather is our very own Dr. Dolittle! Her favourite range of tiles is Nouveau Carnival for its vibrant selection of fun colours.

Naomi Kenny - Blogging Guru

As well as blogging and creating fabulous content here at DCTUK, Naomi spends her time planning city breaks and trying out new quirky restaurants around Liverpool with her friends and family.

Ross Smith - Warehouse Brains

When Ross isn’t running a tight ship with his sidekick Mick at the wonderful DCTUK warehouse, he likes jetting off somewhere hot or enjoying a kick about. His favourite tile is Nouveau Connections in Sea Blue.

Adam Bowles - Product Evangelist

Adam provides all things video here at DCTUK. A self-confessed ‘geek’. He’s also tech support for his family and friends and when not spending time with his wife, Emma, he can be found creating content for his own tech review & tutorial channel on YouTube in his spare time.

Jon Techilovsky - Marketing Whizz

If he’s not catching up with House on Netflix, Jon is cheering on LFC. He might like his footy team red but he likes his carpet tiles blue, which is why his favourite is Interface Transformation in Amazon.

Kerry Mottram - Sales Supernova

When she’s not building up great relationships with her customers, Kerry enjoys spending time with her little girl and partner (who’s been in Peaky Blinders! WOW). Do you think he could introduce us to Tom Hardy?
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