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Warm Wood Luxury Vinyl Tiles - LVT

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Warm Wood LVT

Warm Wood Gluedown LVT

Don't be confused by the terminology. Some peeps call them "dryback", some "gluedown" and some "stickdown". They all mean the same - you'll need adhesive to fit them in your space. Shop the full collection

Warm Wood Click LVT

This LVT option allows fast installation of the floor due to the click profile that just snaps each plank in place. This is the easiest option if you're fitting into a residential property for example as its fast and easy! Shop the full collection

Warm Wood Looselay LVT

Looselay LVT that requires no adhesive but has a grippy substance on the back that stops the tile or plank from slipping around. Having said that, we'd recommend using tackifier underneath for extra security. Shop the full collection

Buy Warm Wood LVT flooring at DCTUK

Featuring vibrant pines, soft elms and country oaks, these warm wood tones will add a touch of nature into your space. Opting for warm coloured luxury vinyl tiles is perfect if you have a smaller space with limited natural lighting as it will help to brighten up the area and create a welcoming and traditional feel.

Luxury by name and luxury by nature, luxury vinyl tiles are not one to be underestimated. LVT is quickly becoming one of the biggest growing markets in flooring thanks to its hard wearing, easy clean, fire and scratch resistant nature. Whilst being more design led than standard sheet vinyl, LVT is your ‘go to gal’ for those searching for a budget-friendly alternative to natural wooden or stone flooring. For the end user in terms of life cycle costs, LVT really is a great option and it looks so pretty too right?! With an abundance of unique finishes available such as tiles, planks, herringbone and more from the top-dogs in the flooring industry, shop warm wood LVT flooring today at DCTUK.