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The carpet tile revolution

We’re ring-leading the modern-day resurrection of carpet tiles and we want you to join the circus so keep on reading for some expert industry insight on getting your installation process just right.  

Carpet tiles are quite simply, the best thing since sliced bread and we’ll take any opportunity to tell you why so here goes.

Like sliced bread, carpet tiles offer a sense of freedom and choice that just can’t be satisfied with one continuous roll of carpet. Why chow down on a big baguette when you can mix and match with ciabatta, focaccia and pitta too? Individual tiles can be easily installed and removed so you can create a flooring design that is 100% true to you and your interior requirements. Not only that, modular carpet tiles are also easily replaced or removed one-by-one so the maintenance process is as easy as pie.

Before you can enjoy all of the benefits that come with carpet tiles, you need to get ‘em laid down and put to the test so what are you waiting for? We’ve put together a handy how-to guide on installing your carpet tiles quickly and easily for a quality flooring solution that lasts. No expensive installation tools, no daylight robbery fitting fees - there are just a few simple steps standing between you and your brand spanking new floor.

Before you get crackin'...

Preparation makes perfect

Step one - Spruce up your subfloor

First thing’s first - there are a few preliminary checks you’re going to have to carry out on both the area you’re laying the tiles in and the carpet tiles themselves before you go in all guns blazing. Ensure that the floor underneath is clean, dry and free of debris, and that your tiles are all present and correct by unpacking them from their box and hand-checking each one. Like a no-good ex, any old flooring needs to be completely removed before you can start afresh.

Step two - Consult your toolkit

Once you’ve got a good blank canvas to work with, like any good artiste, you’re going to need to make sure you’ve got any necessary tools to hand. For that polished and professional finish, equip yourself with a sharp utility knife, a metal ruler (any old solid straight edge will do though), a chalk liner and your choice of adhesive or tacifier (unless you are loose laying in which case you can skip on the sticky stuff).

Step three - Let your tiles relax

While you’re out and about sourcing the tools you need to complete your interior masterpiece, leave your new carpet tiles to chillax in the room they’re going to be laid in because they may need up to 48 hours to rest after unpacking (don’t we all)

Step four - Turn off underfloor heating

You will also need to make sure that if are planning on using an adhesive or tacifier, you switch any underfloor heating off at least 48 hours before you set about installing your floor. Never lay carpet tiles over underfloor heating which exceeds 27°C in temperature or on concrete that has been treated with any oil-based chemicals, trust us.

Manufacturer Installation Guides

We've done the hard work for you and collected all the manufacturer's own fitting guides for your to download and print out! Voila!


Carpet tile fitting instructions.

Download (152Kb)


Carpet tile fitting instructions.

Download (1.6MB)

Heuga and Interface

Carpet tile fitting instructions.

Download (410Kb)


Carpet tile fitting instructions.

Download (115Kb)


Carpet tile fitting instructions.

Download (92Kb)


Carpet tile fitting instructions.

Download (425Kb)

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