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Visiting the Tarkett Desso factory in Holland

6 March 2019
Feeling the winter blues & the dark nights, we jumped on a flight over to the land of wooden shoes and super tall people and visited the Desso carpet tile factory in the Netherlands.

Project Complete - Great Eastern Street London

1 February 2019
Some say simplicity is the key to life, and we believe it's also a good idea when it comes to a great design when using carpet tiles. We used Nouveau Futureproof to create a simple, yet stylish, design in the East End of London.

Say hello to

21 January 2019
After ten years at we have now moved across to the much more cute and cuddly to match our name. We're still the best priced website around for carpet tiles, LVT, vinyl and carpet planks, but we're just a little bit cooler.

Do you want to stay warm this winter?

17 December 2018
Do you hate walking into your home or the office and being hit with that spine chilling cold? Well we have some products for you that will be sure to keep that heat locked in.

Around the world in 10 Christmases!

10 December 2018
Have you ever wondered what Christmas is like in other countries? We'll give you a little insight into Christmas for the 10 European countries we express ship to!

A beginner's guide to Tarkett LVT

4 December 2018
Do you get confused about LVT? Heard about the wonders of Tarkett LVT but not sure where to start? We asked Emma Bishop from Tarkett all the questions you'll want answering to get the low-down on Tarkett and their incredible product offering.

Carpet tiles are comin' to town!

1 December 2018
It's not every day you get to stand in a recording studio and lay down some vocals but that's exactly what our team did as we recorded our Christmas 2018 Song. It's become a bit of a DCTUK tradition to make a fun Christmas video, we hope you enjoy our spin on this Crystals classic!

Help us raise money for charity this Christmas!

30 November 2018
This Christmas we are doing something different. We wanted to do something that represented giving and hope so, with your help, we will be donating to these 4 charities; Mind, Age UK, Shelter and Save the Children.

Don't be left disappointed this Christmas Day!

27 November 2018
Don't be left disappointed and embarrassed on Christmas day when the Mother in Law judges your worn down carpet or you receive some carpet cleaner in the office Secret Santa because Karen from Finance is hoping you'll finally get the hint.

Do you want great design at an affordable price?

15 November 2018
At DCTUK we strive to provide our customers with quality design at a price they can afford. Sounds good right? Well with the number of FREE services we provide it just keeps getting better!