Kitchen LVT Flooring for the Home

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Give your chef some luxury underfoot with these LVT floors

No matter who is the chef in your house, they'll be made up when their cooking domain is transformed with these fabulous LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) floors suitable for the kitchen. Choose from stickdown, loose-lay and click and be rest assured - with DCTUK you will always be looked after.
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Don't forget to add the Dr. Schutz Floor Care Kit to your basket

Want to keep your LVT in immaculate condition? No problem - This Dr. Schutz Floor Care Kit will do the trick.

Whip your floor into the best shape of it's life with this 5 piece kit that can bust through the toughest stains and dirt, leaving your floor as clean as Mrs. Hinch's home. It enhances the floor with anti-slip properties with a natural matt care film that brings out it's natural appearance, whilst protecting the floor from new scratches and makes even the most warn floors look brand spanking new again!

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Buy LVT flooring for your kitchen at DCTUK

The kitchen is the heart of any good home. Choosing a new flooring for your kitchen can be tricky, it will act as a backdrop and will have a big impact on the overall look and feel of the space. A kitchen floor has a pretty tough job, it has to withstand a lot of wear and tear and it’s probably the most hardworking floor in the home, from the muddy pitter patter of little feet (or paws) to regular staining from cookie dough, red wine or tea spillages.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles have been a firm favourite for kitchens for a long long time. Replicating the delicate beauty of wood and the elegance of natural stone. LVT boasts all the added benefits of easy-clean, fire and scratch-resistant vinyl, allowing you to achieve a natural look without breaking the bank.

When it comes to flooring everyone is different, some prefer the warmth of natural wood whereas others prefer the sleek look of stone tiles. With an abundance of hard wearing and unique finishes available, shop LVT for the kitchen at DCTUK today.


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