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If you're looking for primary or secondary entrance matting then you've come to the right place! We've teamed up with expert entrance systems experts Matworks and provide a full range of entrance systems for all commercial environments. From aluminium frames to environmental solutions like Tyre Tile, to affordable yet durable secondary solutions like Nouveau Entrance matting we've got something to suit your requirements.

There's no minimum order size (and no maximum either! 💪) so don't be afraid to hit our team with any questions you might have 🤓. We're on livechat (bottom of screen) or call us on 0345 222 15444.

Okay, so there's a lot of technical words flying around here. Let's try and break some of these down:

Technical word WTF does it mean?
Entrance matting A generic term that can cover all types of flooring for entrance areas. It can mean aluminium frames but can also mean heavy duty carpet tiles.
Primary entrance matting The first area you step into when walking into a large-ish building. It terms to be aluminium frames that are added here to get the dirt off your shoes before you walk across the secondary matting.
Secondary entrance matting The second area you step into, after the primary entrance matting. This tends to be carpet tiles or sheet carpet made from fibrebonded products. It's more affordable than primary entrance matting so in smaller entrance areas of those on a budget, you could have secondary entrance matting across all the areas of an entrance area.
Carpet inserts / wiper strips These are the bits between the aluminium bars that are filled with carpet on Framework entrance systems.
Recess This is a hole you dig for an aluminium grid systen to sit in next to an entrance door.
Frame In the recess a frame is added around the edge (inside) to provide a structure for the rollable aluminium grid matting to be installed into.
Sheet matting Sheet just means a normal carpet roll. For example Workspace Entrance can be supplied in sheet format which is a roll of fibrebonded carpet 2m wide and 20m in length (although we can cut to the right size).
Carpet tile matting Most of our secondary matting products can be supplied in tile (square) format so much easy to move around and install. Each tile is 50cm x 50cm in size.

Need some help?

If you’ve got any Qs then we’re sure to have all the As so if you need a helping hand, have any enquiries, or want some more information on any of our products or services then pick up the old dog ’n’ bone and give us a call on 0345 222 1544

Custom Aluminium Frame Buying Guide

Replacing an existing primary entrance mat

If you have an existing frame and you are needing a new aluminium mat, then you've come to the right place. We have a range of solutions that you can browse and order online with an easy checkout process 😀. On our product pages you'll be prompted to enter the exact sizes of each recess (left to right, front to back). We'll then get the aluminium mats ordered for you and delivered within 5-10 working days.

Adding a new primary entrance mat

If you need an aluminium primary entrance mat or mats for a new recess or building, then you can't currently order online 😭. But the good news is we can provide this service at a price that is sure to beat any other t'internet quote you receive (*fingers crossed*) including nationwide installation 😌. You will just need to fill in our entrance systems form, provide measurements, photographs and we'll then be able to provide a bespoke quote. We can cover any UK mainland location and we can fit within 15 working days.

The anatomy of entrance systems

Entrance Systems diagram

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Custom size aluminium systems


Nouveau Entrance matting

No minimum order quantities and delivered in just 1-3 days with 11mm thickness.

Quick find frames

Jump to the system you need:

Frameworks 12mm

Frameworks 15mm

Frameworks 17mm

Frameworks 22mm

Frameworks Clic-Fix

For help, call us on 0345 222 1544.

Modular & floating entrance systems


Treadloc 25

A modular matting solution. 25cm x 25cm tiles clipped together.

Frameworks Clic-Fix

BRAND NEW! Install aluminium profile quickly with this modular design.

Secondary entrance matting sheet


Workspace Entrance Tiles

Workspace Entrance carpet tiles are the ultimate shield against dirt and moisture!🌟

We're tried & tested

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Secondary entrance matting tile format


Matworks Premier

This durable entrance matting will prevent dirt & moisture from entering your building.

Rawson Arrival

Tough entrance carpet tiles made in the UK and delivered in just 3-4 days.


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