Nora Rubber Flooring

Nora rubber floor coverings are the ultimate in durability, resilience and flexibility. They can withstand both high impact and daily foot traffic with ease; protecting your business from damage that could otherwise rip up carpet or tile flooring. In fact, Nora’s products are so durable they can be used for nearly any type of commercial application including gyms, health clubs and even hospitals. Here at DCTUK is the only place that you can buy Nora rubber floor coverings online without having to haggle with a sales rep, or be bombarded with a sales pitch. Just drop what you want into your basket and checkout online.

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Nora Rubber Tiles

Nope not rubber tyres, rubber tiles! Easy to fit and more durable and damageproof than Gary Linekar's underpants.
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Nora Rubber Sheet

Oozing with benefits from fire-retardant properties, jointless installation and high footfall sound absorption, even a herd of elephants wouldn’t damage good ol’ Nora Sheet Rubber Flooring
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Don't forget your adhesive!

Want an easy way to stick your Nora flooring down? No problem, the Uzin KE66 HT adhesive will do the trick.

The Uzin KE66 is designed for rubber flooring and LVT, and even works over underfloor heating. It's reinforced with fibres giving it tremendous durability and is also purpose build for high temperature areas so can even cope with areas of intense sunlight such as floor to ceiling windows, conservatories, hospitals etc.

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