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For all of those sophisticated flooring solutions that speak without shouting when you want something stylish and subtle.

Where less is more

When it comes to interior design, sometimes less colour creates more impact so it’s important not to become blinded by the hundreds of hues on offer and lose sight of more subtle neutral tones. Rich browns and biscuit beiges make for timeless combinations, just ask Bean, well... you won't get much out of him. Luckily with this collection of contemporary colourways, you will. You'll be sure to find something that’s just your cup of tea. Shop brown and beige carpet tiles on DCTUK today.

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Brown carpet tiles for the home and workplace

In our opinion, brown carpet tiles have a bit of a bad reputation. Known as bland and boring and, well, a little unattractive, it’s no surprise that people avoid this colour when it comes to sprucing up the interior of their home or re-vamping a commercial space. HOWEVER, at DCTUK we’re here to change this. Forget dated 70’s vibes and say hello to cool, modern-day spaces, created using our finest beige, light brown or chocolate brown carpet tiles. Whether you’re looking for carpet tiles to fit in with your current interior or are going for a totally fresh look, don’t discount beige and brown, After all, less is more, darling. With the muted hues of beige carpet tiles perfect for creating a light and airy commercial or residential space, and dark brown carpet tiles ideal for bringing a warm and cosy feel to your home, there’s so much to work with when it comes to this minimalistic, trendy colour palette. Whether you’re after carpet tiles that are soft underfoot, chic ‘n’ sleek vinyl or hard and durable flooring, you’ve come to the right place. Choose your favourite today!


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