Competition winners

Here's some shiny smiles

These amazing winners sent us a picture:

Rosa Harrison, Liverpool

February 12th 2021

Julie Foley, Oxford

May 25th 2021

Andrea Saunders, Fife

April 12th 2021

Gavin Calder, Suffolk

April 15th 2021

Felicity Galliers, West Sussex

April 15th 2021

Amy Lynann, Liverpool

March 22nd 2021

Are you one of our winners?

We love our customers. Participate in our competitions and win fabulous prizes! Here's our 2021 winners:

Winner's name Competition Prize Location Prize Value Date
Megan Castle Social Media Competition £250 Centre Parc's voucher Yateley £250.00 16.10
Jess Barber Social Media Competition £250 in cash £250.00 16.10
Kath Hayhurst Social Media Competition Samsung TV Shropshire £1000.00 16.10
Stephen Heath Social Media Competition Cinema tickets £20.00 07.10
Hannah Mayberry Social Media Competition Cinema tickets £20.00 07.10
Lesley Soden Social Media Competition Cinema tickets £20.00 07.10
Julie Foley Social Media Competition Gift Voucher Oxford £250.00 28.05
Ken Rosser Email Survey Amazon Voucher Kent £10.00 27.04
Sarah Ramsey Email Survey Amazon Voucher £15.00 27.04
Ava Instagram Share Desk Set London £475.95 26.04
Gavin Calder Review Winner Cadburys Hamper West Sussex £35.50 15.04
Andrea Saunders Review Winner Cadburys Hamper Fife £35.50 12.04
Felicity Galliers Review Winner Cadburys Hamper West Sussex £35.50 12.04
Dawn Rowlands Easter Prize Draw Hotel Chocolat Hamper Scottish Borders £30.00 29.03
Amy Lynann Easter Prize Draw Merlin Passes Wrexham £180.00 22.03
Rosa Harrison Ikea Insta Giveaway Ikea Voucher, Plane Ticket, Teddy,
IPAD, Chocolate, Hoddier
Liverpool £1,500.00 12.02

Total amount given away in 2021: £4,162.95

Other small treats

We like to spoil our customers with small treats

During Euro 2020 we have given away 26 goody bags, each of them containing:

  • 1 x Face Paint (to be patriotic)
  • 1 x England Flag to wave, scream & shout
  • 1 x Popcorn (to eat nervously whilst England are missing pens)
  • 1 x Fish & Chips (because what's more English than a bag of fish & chips)
  • 1 x Blow Up Footy (so you can pretend to be a better Harry Kane)

This beautiful family sent us a photo. How cute!

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