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For those flooring solutions that need to make an impact, there’s something punchy for every project.

Positively tickled pink

Forget purple rain, here we prefer a more invigorating Purple Haze that gets the blood pumping rather than leaving you soaked right through. The colour pink has the power to soften and soothe, while purple is renowned for its ability to inspire creativity and ambition. Both of these lend themselves perfectly to any commercial or residential interior making feminine-coloured carpet tiles a must-have colour for any space. Find your favourite shade and style of purple and pink carpet tiles today.

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Purple carpet tiles for the home and workplace

Pink carpet tiles and purples flooring will bring an exciting energy to a room or space that is perhaps currently lacking that much-needed va va voom. Whether that’s a home space that needs injecting with a little bit of style or an office area that currently does anything but motivates your employees. Combining cream of the crop quality and fashion week-worthy style, DCTUK have many a shade of purple and pink carpet tiles simply waiting to be chosen. Whether you’re envisioning a bright and creative space and need hot pink carpet tiles or are decorating a bedroom with beautifully soft, light pink carpet tiles, you’ll be amazed how much new flooring can totally transform a space. You can choose to use our pink carpet tiles to totally cover a floor space or purchase the odd tile to place evenly throughout a plainer colour. With endless styling possibilities, there’s room to release your inner interior designer (even if you didn’t know they existed). This collection of cheap pink carpet tiles is that little bit of affordable luxury that your home or residential space is screaming for – and the room makeover you knew (or now know) that you needed. Make these pink and purple carpet tiles a part of your next big design project and contact the pros at DCTUK today!


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