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For those carpet tile combinations and accent designs that bring a little sunshine wherever you go.

A case of Hulkmania

When you think of open-plan offices and public spaces you probably envisage an expanse of sludge-coloured carpet that makes you yawn just thinking about it. Well, park any prehistoric preconceptions because we’re here with a collection of vibrant yellows and bold oranges to kick life into any arena. Smack-down to something classic or rip up the rule book for a look that'll have you walking on sunshine. Dare to be different with your decor and try orange and yellow carpet tiles from DCTUK.

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Yellow carpet tiles for the home and workplace

Bursting with energy, our orange carpet tiles are perfect for creating motivational workspaces as well as refreshing tired-looking rooms at home. Incorporate a slice of warmth into your décor with bright yellow carpet tiles, whether that’s contrasting with other colours or elevating existing neutral colours. Want to make a statement but don’t trust yourself to pull it off? At DCTUK, not only do we sell great quality carpet tiles but we’re also the fashionistas of interior design and so our ‘shop the look’ pages are guaranteed to provide that little bit of design inspiration you’ve been looking for, to ensure your yellow carpet tiles look less banana explosion and more sunshine chic. Whether you want to purchase orange carpet tiles on a large scale for a commercial space or want a small selection of bright yellow carpet tiles to brighten the stairwell or entranceway of your home, our wide range of products and super talented fitting specialists have got you covered. So, lift spirits, awaken the senses and motivate your employees with a splash of bright colour with our fantastic quality and oh so stylish orange carpet tiles. From sultry sunset orange to bright yellow carpet tiles, find a shade that sparks joy for you. Shop today.


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