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For a floor that is sure to put the wind in your sails and have your interior looking shipshape.

Feeling a little blue

From the bottom of the deep blue sea to the cloudy skies above and everywhere in between, we’ve got blue carpet tiles to suit you. If you’re looking for a colour palette that dares to stray away from more conventional combinations but aren’t quite ready to jump in the deep end with something too psychedelic, then blue and navy are sure to float your boat. Go for something classic or experiment with something a little more cutting edge, depending on your style and preference. Shop today (you know you wanna)!

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Blue carpet tiles for the home and workplace

Whether you’re looking to bring depth to your interior (and keep visible stains to a minimum!) with deep, dark navy carpet tiles or want your space to bask in the refreshing hue of light blue, your perfect shade of blue carpet tiles awaits you in this stylish collection. With its clean feel and overall refreshing aesthetic, the colour blue works to produce a calming effect, making it ideal not only for a home space but for a super busy, slightly stressful working environment. We’ve got everything from subtle, light blue carpet tiles in pastel hues for a light and contemporary feel and deep royal blue for an element of grandeur, so let the design fun begin! If you’re looking to elevate a plain interior with a patterned carpet tile rather than a simple block colour, this collection also showcases blue pattern carpet tiles as well as a stylish colour mix of blue grey carpet tiles to meet all of your experimental needs – so take to the road and showcase your creativity (s’cuse the pun). From soft and cosy for bare feet at home to hard and durable blue commercial tiles for the chaos of public spaces, this collection of blue carpet tiles is super versatile and oh so on-trend, so, what ya waiting for? Get in touch with the pros at DCTUK and have stylish blue flooring in no time at all.


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