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If you're a customer of ours and you've got a story to tell, or you have an interesting job or work in an interesting industry, or perhaps you've overcome something incredible in your personal life, or are about to challenge yourself in some way, we'd love to get you on the P.O.D. If you're in London we'll Uber you to our showroom for an hour of filming. If you're outside of London we'll pay train costs to get you down here for the day. We'll promote your organisation on our socials and in email campaigns to over 50,000 individuals. Get in touch today.

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The P.O.D - People of DCTUK

Hello hello hello! We love to find out about our customers, who they are, what they do, and get advice & inspiration from their journeys. That's what The P.O.D is all about. This show isn't only informative but also entertaining so kick back, grab yourself a cuppa or a gin 😉 and enjoy the show! *insert jazz hands here*

Date: 22nd Jan, 2024

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