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Anfield Boxing Club Youth Anti-Knife Crime Initiative - on going

The north Liverpool has serious issues with gun and knife crime, gangs, substance abuse, mental health and anti-social behaviour.

Over the last decade the Anfield North Liverpool Boxing Club has shown how sport can play a big part in meeting these problems head-on.

Led by Founder and Secretary Alan Walsh (second left in the pic above), the club acts as a vibrant hub for a whole host of projects aimed at tackling local criminal activity.

And how do we help?

1) Buying Kits for Young people

2) Paying for 15 young people to attend a boxing match with youth workers

3) Building a website for the club

Salvation Army Toy Donation Christmas 2020

Every year the Christmas Present Appeal (CPA) makes a huge difference to thousands of families across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Through the generosity of the people they ensure that children in your community who might miss out on Christmas Day will instead have the joy of opening a gift.

The DCTUK team gathered and donated 60 toys to Salvation Army!!!! Here's an amazing pic to perpetuate this moment.


Donating toys and taking them to the Salvation Army in Liverpool Walton ❤️ ##donation ##christmas ##charity ##toys

♬ Surrender - Natalie Taylor

Christmas Orangutan Tree Appeal 2019

Sumatran orangutans are critically endangered and without urgent action could be the first Great Ape species to become extinct.

In 2019 we supported the Sumatran Orangutan Society and plant rain forest trees for a month.

For every order placed with us we plantled a tree in the client's name in the rain forest in Sumatra!

Guess what?! We planted 500 trees in total. Watch the video to learn about this appeal.

Can you imagine?! 500 of these trees were planted!

City Hearts and Hope City Church 2019

City Hearts is a charity that houses and helps women with life controlling issues and victims of trafficking across the UK. It was set up by Hope City Church founder Jenny Gilpin in 2005, as a way to offer support and accommodation for vulnerable women, and since then, it has expanded all over the country.

In 2019, City Hearts contacted us over donating carpet tiles for their Totexth Youth Centre Project (which has been approved so watch this space!) and mentioned that Hope City Church and City Hearts were renovating a building in a deprived area of the city - the building is located in the Islington area of Liverpool and is going to have a big community focus to meet the needs of those in the local area.

The big boss gave the approval and we were able to supply 90m2 of carpet tiles into this fantastic space! Click here to learn more.

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