Gerflor Vinyl Flooring

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Gerflor Safety Vinyl

Step into the world of Gerflor Safety Vinyl! It's the ultimate flooring solution for busy spaces, with slip-resistance, durability, and stunning designs - perfect for your space!

Buy Gerflor sheet vinyl flooring at DCTUK

Sheet vinyl is well... vinyl that comes in large and long sheets. A real ‘must have’ in most commercial environments where footfall is high and spillage is likely. Whether your top priority is safety or style, Gerflor offers a huge range of sheet vinyl options sure to meet all your weird and wonderful requirements.

Looking for safety, cleanliness, and durability? Look no further than Gerflor Safety Vinyl! Whether it's an eating area, restroom, hospital, or school, these floors have got you covered with their anti-slip properties. Did we mention they come in a wide range of colours, designs, and affordable prices? Get the best of everything with Gerflor Safety Vinyl!

Highly durable, easy to maintain and tough as nails, order your free samples of Gerflor sheet vinyl today from DCTUK!