Carpet Tile FAQs

As a customer, you're bound to have a few questions and we sure as heck have the answers. Here are some of our most popular queries.

Delivery FAQs

How long will it take for my carpet tiles to arrive?
The answer to this FAQ quite simply depends on where you are, what you have ordered and how much you have ordered but we’ve dedicated a whole page to that so head on over to our Delivery & Returns information to get clued up.
I've ordered multiple products - how will they arrive?
As much as possible we try and ship items together. But sometimes different items can come from different warehouses. If this is the case you will be informed by telephone of the different delivery dates.
How will you deliver the adhesive?
How will you deliver the adhesive?If you have ordered spray can adhesive, we usually package this inside one of the carpet tile boxes. Please check inside the packaging before calling us to report missing adhesives.
How many tiles are in each box?
Usually carpet tiles are packaged in boxes of 16 or 20 tiles. However sometimes our warehouse will repackage boxes with up to 30 tiles in each box to save on courier costs (we then pass this saving onto you).
Where does DCTUK deliver to?
We like to extend our reach as far as possible and connect with customers in as many places as possible so we currently deliver nationwide across the UK and to Ireland and Europe if needs be. If you are from another corner of the globe and want to know more about export delivery prices then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly sales team by calling 0345 222 1544 and they’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Delivery Rates & Information
How will my order arrive?
If your order is for under 250 carpet tiles then it will usually arrive by DPD. Anything over this will usually arrive on a pallet by one of our transport partners. It is important to note that the drivers will not carry your order into your premises or home. It is a door to door service.
Can I track my delivery?
If your order is under 250 tiles then you will receive email and text alerts from DPD. The first alert will be before 11am on the day of delivery and will provide you with a 1 hour time slot. You can track how close the delivery driver is to your premises using the DPD website. If your order is pallet sized then unfortunately at this time we are unable to provide tracking.

Product FAQs

Will I need glue/adhesive to install my carpet tiles?
The beauty of carpet tiles is that glue and/or adhesive certainly isn’t a necessary requirement. Across our site you might see some tiles described as ‘loose lay’, which means they don’t need any additional sticky substances to stay in place. However we do recommend using a little bit of adhesive on any corners or edges just to be 200% sure that your interior masterpiece ain’t goin’ anywhere. TacTiles are also pretty handy for keeping any tile arrangement in place but you can see all our adhesive choices on this page.

View our Adhesives
Will I need to purchase specialised tools or equipment?
The initials ‘DIY’ can often send someone spiralling into a blind panic, sweating from every pore and running to the nearest hardware store to purchase the latest high-tech home gadgets but when it comes to carpet tiles, this really isn’t necessary. All you’re going to need is a sharp, heavy duty Stanley knife (or something similar), a tough straight edge, a tape measure and a piece of chalk, all of which you’ve probably already got lying around the house.
Does the floor need preparing before installation?
Yes and no. That’s one of those really annoying answers isn’t it but what we mean is that any preliminary preparation kind of depends on each individual situation. Basically before any carpet tiles or vinyl get laid, the ground beneath needs to be clean, dry and level. If you’re lucky enough to already have a tip-top subfloor then you won’t need to lift a finger but if not, you will need to do something about it.
Will my carpet tiles require underlay?
The good news is: no, your carpet tiles won’t need any additional underlay. The even better news is that all carpet tiles already come with various backings which provide a whole host of different properties including: sound absorption, heat insulation and additional comfort. If sound proofing is something that really floats your boat then InterLay tiles are the way to go. We do supply a selection of underlay products over on our Essentials page so if you do fancy kitting out your new carpeting solution, head on over there when you’re done here.

View our Underlay
Why are your prices so cheap?
Over the past few years, we have been working tirelessly to build strong relationships with some of the biggest brands in the business and some of the largest carpet tile companies in the world so we can offer you premium products without the hefty price tag. We also purchase our products in bulk from the suppliers so we can keep costs down for ourselves and in turn, be able to provide you with the most affordable price points on the market.
What does ‘pile height’ mean?
In a nutshell, the pile of a product basically refers to its density of fibres so pile height is the thickness of a carpet tile when measured from the surface to the backing. Shorter piles are typically more suitable to heavy contract environments as they are more durable and tend to last that little bit longer but the taller the pile height, the more plush the product. Want to know more about our industry lingo? Click here.
What is dBack?
All of our Modulyss products come complete with the standard, back2back backing but for orders of over 100m2, you can request an additional dBack layer. A dBack tile = pile material + standard secondary backing + an extra 800g layer of polyester felt, which makes the floor 50% better at absorbing excess impact noise. Want to know more about you can reap the benefits of dBack? Click here.
What are batch differences?
Carpet tiles are made in batches of stock and each batch has a very slightly different hue. This is due to the uniqueness of each yarn dye used. No batch is the same. Most people will not see a difference in the batch colours, but close up you might be able to spot it. When you order carpet tiles from us we will ensure that they come from the same batch. However be careful if you need to replenish these in the future because it will probably be a different batch, even though it is the same product. This is why it is always a good idea to order 10% more than you require so you have a contingency of carpet tiles for replacements or additional rooms in the future.
What is a BREEAM rating?
BREEAM stands for BRE (Building Research Establishment) Environmental Assessment Method and that whopping mouthful basically describes “the world’s foremost environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings”, including sustainability attributes. It is a simple and standardised scoring system which establishes the quality of your carpet tiles. Most of our carpet tiles are BREEAM rated, which you will notice in the Specification tab on each of the product pages.

Need help?

If you want more information about products and services then get in touch with our wonderful sales team by sending an email to sales@dctuk.com or picking up the old dog ’n’ bone and dialling 0345 222 1544. We’re confident in our prices and even more confident that we can put a smile on your face and spare change in your pocket!

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