Red Carpet Tiles - Burgundy Carpet Tiles

For all of those extra special carpet tile solutions which promise to provide that unforgettable red carpet treatment.

Take me to pleasure town

Whether you’re looking to revamp a reception area, kit out a brand-new office or make an impression at home, give your flooring solution the all-star treatment with a pop of vibrant red or a stylish rich burgundy. Create an inviting ambience in any work or living environment with this collection of ethically-sourced carpet tiles that are as complementary to our precious planet as they are to a whole host of diverse interior projects. Don't act like you're not impressed. Stay classy.

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Red carpet tiles for the home and workplace

Forget any preconceptions you had about red carpet tiles being tacky because, hunny, with the right vision and design, this sultry colour can totally transform your current interior situation. Although the colour of romance and all things love, this spectacular shade doesn’t have to stay in the bedroom and with the help of our design team, you can incorporate bright red carpet tiles into the office, kitchen, living room, heck even the bathroom. Whether you’re browsing dark red carpet tiles to bring a chic but moody, bold element to your current décor or want to brighten up a dull space with a powerful flash of pillar box red, perfect for creating a contemporary space full of character and light. As well as block red carpet tiles, there’s also the opportunity to go full vintage in the home with black and red-carpet tiles, perfect when paired with accents of shiny brass and warm gold. Our variations of patterned carpet tiles are also a great and easy way to jazz up a super dull and boring office space or public sector area with our hard carpet tiles not only beholding a stylish aesthetic but also lasting the test of heavy footfall and inevitable coffee spillages. For the pros at DCTUK, no challenge is too great and whether you have a super small space that needs bringing to life with a flash of red, or a huge commercial space that requires a large amount of red carpet tiles, we are the guys for the job. Contact us today.