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Some see trash but we see treasure! We're putting old carpet tiles to use with Tarkett and Interface.

Restart with DCTUK and Tarkett

We, as a company, are trying just like everyone else to do their bit for the planet, which is why DCTUK have partnered up with Tarkett on their recycling programme “Restart”. Tarkett have been packing up the old discarded flooring from fitting jobs, recycling it, and re-using it as a new resource (Greta would be proud). And now our fitters are doing the exact same too! Up to 38% of landfill volume is construction and demolition waste, so wouldn't it be great knowing that your company hasn't contributed to the ever growing problem our planet faces? Between 2010 and 2018, 102,000 tonnes of flooring, including vinyl, linoleum and carpet, were collected in Europe and North-America through ReStart®. Let's go over the simple recycling process.

How it works

1. Book your fitting with us

Fill in this fitting enquiry form and we'll be in touch real quick to provide you with a bespoke fitting quotation.

2. Clear the space for new carpet tiles

Get ready for your floor to be transformed by our fabulous fitters.

3. Access for removal

Our fitters will wrap the old carpet tiles for you, just make sure the area is clear for collection.

4. Recieve certificate

Once your old flooring has been removed, you will recieve a certificate stating what the flooring has been recycled into!

ReEntry with DCTUK and Interface

Have you ever moved into a brand new office building but you want to put your company stamp on it? You get your walls painted the colour of company colours, adding decorative pieces to make the office more inviting and you’ve just received your superb floor design from using our design service which is a great add on when booking your fitting with us (shameless plug don’t hate). There’s nothing wrong with upgrading a new, perfectly suitable, office space to make it your own, but have you ever thought where the old carpet tiles you’re about to get rid of go? Those new carpet tiles that barely have a spec of dirt on them often go to landfill. BUT, with ReEntry, that doesn’t have to happen.

DCTUK have partnered up with Interface and their ReEntry scheme to stop so much “waste” going into landfill. Instead, the almost new carpet tiles will be going to End Furniture Poverty, who are based in Liverpool. End Furniture Poverty is an organisation that seeks to help people and families in furniture poverty in the local area. By partnering with Interface and DCTUK they are also able to provide carpet tiles to these people and families for their homes. I’m sure you’ll agree this is a great initiative not only to keep the carpet tiles out of landfill but also to help the surrounding community, it’s a win win situation for everybody!

Electric delivery vehicles

We may only have a little warehouse based in Liverpool but we send out a LOT of orders throughout the week, which is why we’ve chosen one of the greenest delivery services in the UK to reduce our carbon footprint. DPD provides a “clean, green, delivery service” and they have been making some serious moves to help our planet. They’re already adding more electric vehicles to their fleet which reduces the amount of carbon dioxide polluting the air, they’re going green with their packaging which is 100% recyclable and 100% of their waste avoids landfill and is reused to create new goods like sweaters, sleeping bags and carpets. Thanks for giving back to our industry DPD.


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