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Gerflor Creation 40 Gluedown LVT

Creation 40 Gluedown from Gerflor is a collection of 30 core designs of tiles and planks, that are extremely versatile. This collection is durable and easy to maintain, making it perfect for commercial spaces such as workplaces, offices, schools, restaurants and more! You just can't go wrong with Creation 40! Shop the full collection

Gerflor Creation 40 Rigid Acoustic LVT

You're going to love this Creation 40 Rigid Acoustic LVT (luxury vinyl tile) collection! With a range of different and unique wood and mineral designs, perfect for any room in your commercial space! With a super simple interlocking installation, you just can't go wrong! Shop the full collection

Gerflor Creation 55 Gluedown LVT

Gerflor Creation 55 Gluedown is an LVT with a 0.55mm wear layer that is installed using LVT adhesive. Don't be confused by the terminology. Some peeps call them "dryback", some "gluedown" and some "stickdown". They all mean the same - you'll need adhesive to fit them in your space. Shop the full collection

Gerflor Creation 55 Clic LVT

Don't want to mess around with sticky adhesive? These Gerflor Clic make it super easy to install with their innovative click system. Just click together and enjoy a super speedy fit. Shop the full collection

Gerflor Creation 55 Looselay LVT

Looselay LVT has the advantage of just throwing it down and using a smidge of tackifier to install, we suggest our Sticky Stuff spray cans. These Gerflor Creation 55 Looselay tiles have a 0.55 wearlayer and can be delivered in just 7-10 working days. Shop the full collection

Gerflor Creation 55 Looselay Acoustic LVT

Creation 55 Looselay Acoustic from Gerflor is a highly decorative, durable LVT designed for medium traffic commercial areas including retail, leisure, health and fitness, hospitality and public spaces. Perfect for the home or workplace. Free design service available. Shop the full collection

Gerflor Creation 55 Rigid Acoustic LVT

Creation 55 Rigid Acoustic from Gerflor is a durable rigid LVT floor designed for class 33 commercial applications. With 10 working days delivery this affordable but high quality flooring option also offers the same high performance of its competition with surface durability and impressive 12 year guarantee. Shop the full collection

Gerflor Creation 70 Gluedown LVT

Gerflor Creation 70 Gluedown is an LVT with a 0.7mm thick wear layer that is a glued floorcovering. With a range of amazing different wood, mineral and textile designs that would look amazing in any space! Shop the full collection

Gerflor Creation 70 Looselay LVT

Completely transform your space with Gerflor Creation 70 Looselay LVT's! With a 0.7mm thick wear layer, easy maintenance and a range of different designs, you just can't go wrong - so what're you waiting for? Shop the full collection

Gerflor Creation 70 Clic LVT

Upgrade your space with ease using these snazzy Gerflor 70 Clic LVT planks and tiles! Choose from a variety of wood and mineral designs to match your style. These durable floors have a 0.7 wear layer, so no need to fret about wear and tear. Plus, the easy Clic installation means you'll have your dream floors in no time! Shop the full collection

Don't forget to add the Dr. Schutz Floor Care Kit to your basket

Want to keep your LVT in immaculate condition? No problem - This Dr. Schutz Floor Care Kit will do the trick.

Whip your floor into the best shape of it's life with this 5 piece kit that can bust through the toughest stains and dirt, leaving your floor as clean as Mrs. Hinch's home. It enhances the floor with anti-slip properties with a natural matt care film that brings out it's natural appearance, whilst protecting the floor from new scratches and makes even the most warn floors look brand spanking new again!

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Buy Gerflor luxury vinyl tiles at DCTUK

If you’re on the hunt for realistic looking wooden or stone flooring with a modern touch boasting the added benefits of strength and comfort, then you can quit searching because Gerflor is the answer to all your flooring needs! Known for their innovative and decorative products, Gerflor offer a wide range of designs to suit any interior.

LVT is taking the flooring industry by a storm thanks to its easy clean, fire and scratch resistant, extreme durability and water-resistant properties. For the end user in terms of life cycle costs, LVT really is a great option. Shop Gerflor’s gluedown, click or looselay ranges online and order your free samples today!


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