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Kings of Carpet Plank Design

A unique manufacturing process creates a unique carpet plank. Everyone's talking about Milliken. Even Milliken are talking about Milliken.

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Imagine if hardwood floorboards and carpet tiles had a baby, well... this is what it would look like. Pushing our square shaped boundaries, carpet planks are basically your standard 50cm x 50cm carpet tile but just all planky. These 25cm x 100cm rectangular versions of modular carpet have been taking the industry by storm. Designed to mimic the aesthetic of wooden flooring but boasting all the softness and comfort of carpet, the demand for these nifty planks have seen a huge rise in popularity over the past few years and there's no sign of it slowing down. An innovative way to replace your dated carpet tiles, carpet planks offer all the same benefits that come hand in hand with carpet tiles whilst also boasting the added bonus of additional creative freedom, flexibility and reductions in wastage.

The in-house design team at Milliken HQ sure are busy-bees and over the years Milliken have released a huge variety of fan-dabby-dosic collections. Designed to force you out of your interior comfort zone, Milliken’s 25cm x 100cm carpet planks will be perfect in residential and commercial spaces. Shop Colour Composition, Fractals, Arctic Survey and Comfortable Concrete planks here at DCTUK. Boasting a 12 year guarantee and can be on your doorstep in just 10-12 working days - order your free samples today!


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