British Carpet Tiles, made in the UK

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British Carpet Tiles

Nouveau Carpet Tiles

We're loud and proud about our Nouveau carpet tiles made right here in the UK. Produced in Scotland, these carpet tiles are commercial quality and can be used in the home or workplace. All these ranges are delivered next working day and offer significant savings over well known brands.

Paragon Carpet Tiles

Paragon sounds like an alien planet, but they are actually located in Rotherham! These British-made carpet tiles have a low entry price point but are commercial-quality, durable carpet tiles. Shop the full collection

Burmatex Carpet Tiles

Fibre-bonded carpet tiles from Burmatex are tough, durable and commercial quality. With a factory in West Yorkshire you can be sure of super quick delivered (1-2 working days) and great British design. Shop the full collection

Rawson Carpet Tiles

Whether you look for a barrier solution, or a fibre-bonded design, Rawson carpet tiles made in Wakefield, have a great selection to choose from. Delivered in just 3-4 working days. Shop the full collection

Heckmondwike Carpet Tiles

What the heck? Yes, made in the small Yorkshire town of Heckmondwike, the locals are rightly proud of these bad boys, hence they named them after the town. These fibre-bonded carpet tiles are made from tough stuff and with a lot of love. Oh, and delivered in just 1-3 working days. Pow! Shop the full collection

Milliken Carpet Tiles

Produced in the pie-eating town of Wigan, Milliken carpet tiles are chosen for projects around the world due to their innovative designs and impressive cushion-backed structure. Walking on these carpet tiles is like walking on clouds they are so bouncy and soft. Shop the full collection