Reserve Your Order

Reserve your order today with a 25% refundable deposit and we'll hold the stock until you're ready.

Prepare for Brexit today

Over the past few years we've experienced unforeseen events such as protests at the International freight port in Calais that brought huge disruption to goods being imported into the UK.

With Brexit just around the corner, it's important to make sure your next order will not be hit by delays at the port. The Reserve Your Order service is our unique solution to ensure that your project is not delayed by external factors, but arrives on time - every time. A 25% refundable deposit secures your order and we hold the stock until you're ready.

Avoid manufacturing shortfalls

At peak times during the year our manufacturing centres can run short of stock either because of demand or because of summer shut-downs (for cleaning purposes). Reserving your order ensures you avoid these difficulties.

Peace of mind

Anyone who has watched an episode or two of Grand Designs will be aware of just how often suppliers arrive late on site with the goods. Although we're pretty impressive when it comes to keeping our word on delivery time-scales, occasionally problems can occur. Reserve your order for peace of mind.

Safeguard against unforeseen events

During the summer of 2015 most flooring suppliers experienced real problems getting product into the country due to the Calais protests that had shut down the channel tunnel and ferry crossings. Protect yourself against unforeseen events such as this with a 25% refundable deposit.

Reduce your final bill

You will also benefit from spreading the cost of your order into two payments. Of course you can pay more than 25% to secure your order, and then simply pay the balance the day before you require your product on site.

Ready to reserve?

To reserve an order simply get in touch with our wonderful sales team by sending an email to sales@dctuk.com or picking up the old dog ’n’ bone and dialling 0345 222 1544. We’re confident in our prices and even more confident that we can put a smile on your face and spare change in your pocket! When you're ready to preceed with your order please just give us 7 working days notice so that you're delivery will arrive on time.


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