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Gluedown LVT for the Home

LG Decotile Gluedown Stone LVT

Nothing says designer flooring more than beautiful stone flooring and you can emulate that look with this collection of rich stone effect LVT. From deep greys through to the richest of blacks, these stone effect tiles have the ability to make guests stop and take notice, they command attention and emit indulgence and luxury. Shop the full collection

LG Decotile Gluedown Wood LVT

Wood flooring is an interior trend that is both modern and timeless. Its natural serenity adds a level of sophistication and beautiful elegance to any room, whilst its neutral, versatile tones make it the perfect choice across a variety of interior styles. Shop the full collection

LG Harmony Gluedown LVT

Shop LG Harmony - a gluedown, durable LVT from those clever-clogs at LG, yep the same guys that make tellys and fridges. Apparently they've been making flooring for over 60 years, so LG is a name you can trust and depend on. Shop the full collection

Forbo Allura Dryback LVT

Allura Dryback is suited to any size projects and has an acoustic comfort of 6dB. You stick down these tiles and planks using vinyl adhesive. The wear layer is 0.55mm and the total thickness is 2.2mm. Shop the full collection

Tarkett Inspiration Gluedown LVT

Designed specifically for the UK market, these gluedown beauties come in 12 different rich wood and natural stone shades to suit any interior you had in mind. Get them delivered to your doorstep in just 2-3 working days.Shop the full collection

QA Luvanto Design Gluedown LVT

QA Luvanto Design gluedown luxury vinyl tiles are available for delivery in just 3-4 days and are perfect for the home or workplace.Shop the full collection

Gerflor Creation 55 Gluedown LVT

Gerflor Creation 55 Gluedown is an LVT with a 0.55mm wear layer that is installed using LVT adhesive. Don't be confused by the terminology. Some peeps call them "dryback", some "gluedown" and some "stickdown". They all mean the same - you'll need adhesive to fit them in your space. Shop the full collection

LG Harmony Gluedown Herringbone LVT

LG Harmony Gluedown Parquet LVT ranges are hygienic and easy to maintain, unlike carpet and other flooring types they don’t hold dust, dirt, pollen or other allergens. Shop the full collection

Polyflor Gluedown Residential LVT

Explore the world of Polyflor LVT starting with these super gluedown luxury vinyl tiles. We recommend Bostik Best adhesive to fit these bad boys.

QA Luvanto Design Gluedown Herringbone LVT

Parquet flooring is right on trend and with Luvanto's Design Gluedown Herringbone Collection you can get the herringbone look at just a fraction of the normal price. Each piece of Luvanto's herringbone floor is designed to look and feel just like the real thing! Shop the full collection

Don't forget to add the Dr. Schutz Floor Care Kit to your basket

Want to keep your LVT in immaculate condition? No problem - This Dr. Schutz Floor Care Kit will do the trick.

Whip your floor into the best shape of it's life with this 5 piece kit that can bust through the toughest stains and dirt, leaving your floor as clean as Mrs. Hinch's home. It enhances the floor with anti-slip properties with a natural matt care film that brings out it's natural appearance, whilst protecting the floor from new scratches and makes even the most warn floors look brand spanking new again!

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Buy gluedown LVT for the home at DCTUK

Luxury by name and luxury by nature, luxury vinyl tiles are not one to be underestimated. LVT is quickly becoming one of the biggest growing markets in flooring thanks to its hard wearing, easy clean, fire and scratch resistant nature. Whilst being more design led than standard sheet vinyl, LVT is your ‘go to gal’ for those searching for a budget-friendly alternative to natural wooden or stone flooring. For the end user in terms of life cycle costs, LVT really is a great option and it looks so pretty too right?!

Opting for gluedown LVT allows for easy installation. Gluedown simply means that the planks are glued down (using one of the many adhesive options we supply here at DCTUK) on a suitable subfloor giving a permanent solution with long-lasting performance. With an abundance of unique finishes available, such as tiles, planks, herringbone and more, from the top-dogs in the flooring industry, shop gluedown LVT flooring today at DCTUK.