Balsan Carpet Tiles

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Balsan Standard Backing

Frenchier than french fries these Balsan carpet tiles and planks, or "dalles de moquette" as they say over there across the channel are designed and made in France but are delivered straight to you in super fast time for your workplace makeover. These all have a standard backing on the tile or plank.
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Balsan Cushion Backing

These Balsan carpet tiles and planks have a special cushion/comfort backing extra layer built into the tile called Balsan NRB. It's a bit like a built-in underlay. Enjoy supreme bounciness (is that word?), acoustic performance, and lots and lots of comfort.
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Nicole? Papa? No, it's Balsan Carpet Tiles.

Designed and made in France, Balsan will give some va va voom to your workplace environment. With 200 years of history, Balsan have been rocking the textile world with new designs since the days of Napoleon, in fact they probably manufactured his military garments. Nowadays they make flipping good carpet tiles that not only look first class, but do the business in any commercial environment. Hold on to your swival chairs guys, we're about to Balsan your flooring with an OMG look you won't believe is possible.