Cushion Backed Carpet Tiles

Get ready to roll out the red (or any color you like) carpet with brands like Nouveau (our very own superstar 🌟), Balsan, Modulyss, and Milliken! These aren't just any carpets; they're like the luxury limos of the flooring world 🚗💨. Think cushion-backed designs that are so comfy, you might start sleeping on the office floor 😴. Perfect for jazzing up both the boardroom and the bedroom 🏢🛏️. That extra cushion layer? It's like a built-in hug for your feet, plus it's a champ at keeping in the heat and shutting out the noise 🌡 . Get free samples today, and let's give your space a flooring makeover that's as stylish as it is sensible 🎨👷. It's like giving your floor a VIP ticket to the world of elegance and practicality 🎟️✨. With our cushion-backed carpet tiles, your floors won't just be walked on; they'll be admired! 👣👀

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Nouveau Cushion Backed Carpet Tiles

We call them ComfyBack, because they are oh so comfy to walk across. Imagine walking on a cloud, similar to that but without the moist air getting you drenched. Currently, two collections are available in ComfyBack but more are on their way, watch this space!

Balsan Cushion Backed Carpet Tiles

Explore the crazy world of Balsan flooring with Balsan's NRB cushion backed collections. These are 50cm x 50cm carpet tiles made with 100% solution dyed nylon which is 75% recycled. Shop the full collection
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Modulyss Cushion Backed Carpet Tiles

Dive into the cushy, eco-friendly universe of Modulyss ComfortBack at DCTUK.com, where we're putting a bouncy spring in your step and a big green thumbs-up to the planet! This nifty little backing is a superhero in disguise: made from 90% recycled content polyester felt, it's lightweight yet tough enough to bounce back from endless foot traffic. Please note - minimum order quantity of 400 tiles on these collections. Shop the full collection

Milliken Cushion Backed Carpet Tiles

Step right up to the magical world of Milliken's cushion backing at DCTUK.com, where we're turning your floors into eco-friendly wellness retreats! Crafted with a whopping 90% recycled materials, this cushion backing is not just a treat for your feet; it's a full-on health and wellness champion. Imagine walking or standing on a surface so comfy, it practically whispers sweet nothings to your soles, reducing fatigue and serenading your stress levels with its acoustic superpowers. Shop the full collection
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