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Are you stuck on which adhesive to buy?


Are you stuck on which adhesive to buy?

New to the carpet tile world and not too sure on how to ensure your new work of art will be resilient enough to deal with the demands of trampling, scuffing and pulling that the carpet itself must endure? Well worry no more, I am here to lend you a helping hand. Let’s start with carpet tiles for the home…


Option one is for more of a permanent solution where longevity is needed. It is the one and only Bostik’s speedy and mess-free spray adhesive solution. It is super easy to apply and has a rapid drying time of 1-3 minutes, drastically improving the ease of the installation process! It can be used on a wide range of surfaces including wood, concrete, stone, canvas and rubber. At £3.90 a can covering 28 tiles, can you really go wrong?

Your next option is the one for you if you are indecisive and often changing your mind or if you simply need to be lifting your tiles up frequently for various reasons. Interface TacTiles are the perfect solution for something a little less permanent but will still prevent your masterpiece from slipping. They are the most suitable glue-free and sustainable way to install your new flooring. They have many fun facts, they have no drying or waiting time, they are resistant to moisture and temperature and most importantly, they leave no residue behind on the carpet tile or the subfloor! This is because only one-side has adhesive and the therefore the backings of the tiles hug the floor.

Option three, I know I am spoiling you with the options here, is our very own DCTUK double sided tape. Often known to be used in scrapbooking and arts & crafts, however this one is a wee bit stronger and is the perfect way to ensure your carpet tiles are stuck down quickly and efficiently. It is easy to apply with no help or experience and boasts no drying time. With 50m coverage, mess free installation, easy storage and highly cost effective, you can think of it as some new supersonic Sellotape.


Now, our commercial customers, listen up it’s your turn, do not fear we have adhesive solutions for you too!

Although you may be dealing with a much larger space, Bostik’s £3.90 spray is not too shabby for commercial use too. It is still an ideal solution to secure your carpet tiles in place no matter the size of the project. Our fitters love it, we love it and soon you will love it. Its permenant solution and mess free installation will allow you to show of your floor in no time making it practically irresistible.

Another potential for those larger spaces is the famous Bostik’s Tackifier. It is the perfect semi-permanent carpet tile adhesive and can be used with a whole host of subfloors, from concrete and cement screed to sand and chipwood. It works with it all. Here at DCTUK we like to think of it as strong in performance but low-key in appearance and residue. This is because it comes in an off-white colour ensuring a professional and seamless stain-free finish for your new tiles. Now, we all like to keep our toes warm in the colder months and luckily for all of us who feel the winter chill, the tackifier is suitable to be used with underfloor heating.

You have two options here when it comes to the tackifier, too many decisions I know! We either have a 5kg option or a 25kg option depending on how large your space is. The small but nifty 5kg bottle contains coverage for around 40m2 - 52.5m2 equalling approximately 160-208 tiles. However, if you have a larger area to cover, the hefty 25kg bottle contains coverage for around 175m2– 200m2 which will cover approximately 700-800 tiles.

Now it’s over to you, which one will you pick?