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Back to School


Back to School

It’s finally September and most parents know what that means… the children are back in school. Secretly we are all quite happy with being able to have a few hours each day of peace and quiet, although summer has been quite fun.

But with the children back at school, and the house in need of a spruce up after 6 weeks of arts and craft, now is the perfect time.

The Living Room

For the last 6 weeks, your lovely living room has been the playing ground for the kids. From figure painting to birthday parties, your carpets have taken a lot on. We here at DCTUK have selected a carpet tiles which can bring new life back into your living room.

Nouveau Vintage Plank is a perfect carpet plank to transform any room. It even has sound reduction qualities, which we know can help keep things a little quieter. The cherry on top for this plank is it comes with a 7 year guarantee, giving you some faith in your new carpet.

Nouveau Vintage Plank

The Children’s Room

Nouveau Play

A child room is never the tidiest place in the house, but it does inspire imagination. Their room one day could be the castle on top of the hill, and the next day a local shop. Whatever they are inspiring to be their flooring goes through a lot.

We have picked out a tile to withstand the test of your tile, Nouveau Play is Made with StainSafe material, and is bleach safe, meaning it is easy to clean. For the cherry on top it comes with a 7 year guarantee! This carpet tile lets your child grow without worry of destroying the carpet.

The Kitchen

With the children, back in school the kitchen may seem a bit quieter during the day, but they will come home hungry and tired from their first day back. But before the child come rushing back into the house, why not treat the heart of the home.

DCTUK Nouveau Studio is perfect for making any kitchen feel a part of the home. This tile won't fade after encountering water and has fire resistant qualities. What more could you ask for? Well to top this amazing kitchen tile off it also comes with our 15 year guarantee.

Nouveau Studio

The Bathroom

Nouveau Spa

Your bathroom is a way to escape for some peace and quiet, lock the door, light a few candles and relax. When you have children in the house it's not often you get some alone time, so why not make your alone time more luxury on your feet.

DCTUK's Nouveau Spa is like the difference between camping in a two-man tent in the middle of the forest or checking yourself into a five-star hotel for the night. It is perfect for any bathroom and comes in arrange of colours.

And of course, Your Bedroom.

Your bedroom should be somewhere you love, not only to get a bit of peace and quiet, your bedroom should be your palace. Add some luxury to your room, and treat your feet with Nouveau Cosy Toes II.

Available in a collection of whites and smooth greys, this range is perfect for the home where bare feet are going to be tippy toeing around.

Nouveau Cosy Toes II

Time to get the tape measure out, well after a nap since the house is quiet with the children at school.