Biophilic Design - Can plants really reduce stress?


Biophilic Design - Can plants really reduce stress?

You don't have to be all hippy dippy to appreciate the rise of the 'Biophilia' design trend.

What is it?

I know you're thinking the word 'biophilia' is made up but I promise you it's not, it actually means the love of nature, it focuses on our innate attraction to nature and natural processes. With urbanisation taking over, we've become disconnected to the natural world. Biophilic Design uses the idea that biophilia is important to our health and well being."


Why is it so popular?

According to a survey conducted by Forth in 2018, 85% of us Brits are experiencing stress regularly, with work and health being the most common causes of stress. We spend the majority of our lives in work (depressing to think about I know), which is why companies have started to think about how they can reduce stress in the workplace. By incorporating elements of nature into a work environment, research has proven to lower stress, blood pressure levels and heart rates whilst boosting creativity and productivity.

How do businesses benefit from it?

Businesses are starting to invest heavily in Biophilic Design elements because it improves employee’s concentration and engagement. Not only that, having an aesthetically pleasing work environment that's beneficial to our health can attract employees when scouting new talent and your current staff won't pull as many sickys. It also improves air quality and reduces build up of dust and mould. Corporate giants like Apple, Google and Amazon are big fans of nature elements.


How to implement it into your space

1. Use natural materials

Wood and concrete are the most popular materials to use in offices, hospitality and retail. You can implement these materials through the furniture, walls and flooring. If you love the look of a concrete floor but don't think it's suitable for a reception or waiting area, we have a fantastic range of concrete inspired carpet tiles and planks that will fit perfectly into a biophilic interior. Milliken's Comfortable Concrete 2.0 and Interface's Human Nature collection are perfect if you're not keen on turning your office into a green house but you want to bring elements of nature into your space.

Remember to check out Desso Harvest, Interface Urban Retreat and Modulyss DSGN Cloud for other concrete inspired carpet tiles, and our LG collection if you're after a wood effect flooring.


2.Hanging plants

Commercial spaces are often quite spacious so it's hard to make the room feel welcoming and comfortable. One way to make the space feel fuller and more alive is hanging greenery. Use different types of hanging plants to create the Hanging Gardens of Babylon or place them more sparsely to create points of visual interest. Just make sure they’re placed high enough, so the office giants don't feel like they’re wading their way through a jungle.

3.Find creative ways to implement greenery

Showcase greenery in a unique way to be the focal point of a room can be a conversation starter for guests and clients. This is an ideal concept when there is little direct natural light to stop your office feeling like a dingy dungeon.


Biophilic Design can be implemented into any space which is why it’s becoming so popular amongst the interior world. I don't think plants are the magical solution to reduce stress in the work place, however they do create a more chilled atmosphere - Just don't forget to water the plants! Otherwise your luscious living office will turn into a plant graveyard.