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Free apps to help you cope

Free apps to help you cope

Hub of Hope

Download this app or use the website and find mental health charities near to your locality if you need help during this challenging time. It's a unique database that brings all organisations and charities together who offer mental health advice and support. At DCTUK we don't believe that asking for help is a sign of weakness, but it's actually a sign of strength and bravery. Our friends who developed the app are based here in our hometown of Liverpool, but you can find services nationally through the app.


If you're looking after an elderly relative then this app will help the whole family manage the process. You can check-in when you visit and everyone else can see this. Set reminders for medication. And the cared for person can list tasks they need help with.

They have a great blog post on looking after the vulnerable during this pandemic, if you're worried or struggling to look after an elderly person you know, give it a read.

You can get 3 months absolutely FREE when you use offer code DCTUK.