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Introducing Milliken Carpet Tiles


Introducing Milliken Carpet Tiles

DCTUK are proud to announce the opening of our new Milliken Carpet tile section.

Our good friends at Milliken have teamed up with us here at DCTUK so that we can bring you their versatile range of carpet tiles. We hope you are as excited as we are.

With launching our new section, we thought that we would give you a rundown of backing options that come with Milliken carpet tiles.

Backing Options

The backing is critical to a carpet tiles performance, durability and appearance retention. The right backing option can keep your carpet tile from flattening, and it can also improve the acoustics and insulation of a room.

Not all rooms need the same backing though. Different rooms call for different backing and making the right choice is an important part of picking a carpet tile. So, what backing options do you have?

There are 3 standard Milliken backing systems, which are spilt into hardback and cushion back.

Nouveau Carnival
Milliken Backing Options

Function Plus

For building area where acoustics and comfort are less important or projects where budgets are tight, Milliken now offers a selection of carpet tiles with a hardback option called Function Plus.

Milliken’s Function Plus provides an enhanced dimensional and thermal stability, which will keep your feet nice and cosy. Even with this enhanced specification Milliken Function Plus is 10% lighter than other hardback carpet tiles.

Nouveau Vintage Plank
Benefits of Function Plus Hardback
Nouveau Play
Function Plus Hardback

Comfort Plus & Lite

Milliken’s cushion backing with 90% recycled content provides health and wellness benefits. By offering a more comfortable surface to stand or walk on, it reduces fatigue and through its acoustic properties, it reduces noise levels which can in turn positively impact stress levels.

Milliken offers two cushions back carpet tiles, comfort plus and comfort light. Comfort Plus is the ultimate luxurious premium comfort and superior acoustic performance. Comfort Lite is similar to comfort plus just with a reduced cushion layer.

Milliken Cushion Comfort Plus
Milliken Cushion Comfort Plus

Benefits of Cushion Backing

  • Milliken Cushion Backing absorb up to 50% more noise than a hard-back tile.
  • Cushion backing reduces leg muscle fatigue by up to 24%
  • Cushion backing can extend the carpet tiles life by up to 50%

  • To find out more about your options for backing on our Milliken carpet tiles, give our sales team a call on, and they will be happy to help!

    Shop Our New Milliken Range

    SALE! SAVING 23%
    Milliken Formwork 2.0

    Milliken Formwork 2.0

    £4.65 Per Tile

    SALE! SAVING 50%
    Milliken Fixation – Accents

    Milliken Fixation – Accents

    £4.95 Per Tile

    SALE! SAVING 33%
    Milliken Fixation – Trio

    Milliken Fixation – Trio

    £4.95 Per Tile

    SALE! SAVING 33%
    Milliken Light Trails – Dusk

    Milliken Light Trails – Dusk

    £5.95 Per Tile

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