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From warehouse to worship


From warehouse to worship

Although we’re located in the fabulous city of Liverpool - known for its Fab Four and famously for its footballing prowess - the vast majority of our customers are located outside of the city – many of them in the London metropolitan area.

So it was genuinely exciting for us to receive a call from a client based here in the city of Liver birds, who needed a strong, durable carpet tile for their warehouse refurbishment project located just a few miles away.

Liverpool One Church is a thriving and youthful church that has been in the city for around six years but up to now did not have a building of its own. Its congregation had been meeting in the Liner Hotel next to Lime Street Station and also at the Capstone Theatre, part of Liverpool Hope University. But they had got to the point of outgrowing these temporary homes and realised they needed their own building to cater for all the needs of the church.

Nouveau Connections at Liverpool One Church
Nouveau Connections at Liverpool One Church
Nouveau Connections at Liverpool One Church
The main auditorium at Liverpool One Church

Finding a part-derelict building for sale on Richmond Row in Liverpool – a former warehouse - they successfully purchased the building and started the renovation at the beginning of 2017. Just six months later they contacted us to give the building the finishing touch with a suitable carpet tile range that could cope with hundreds of people, children’s clubs, youth clubs and other meetings that would be using the auditorium each week.

The main auditorium at Liverpool One Church
A close up of the Connections design
Nouveau Connections at Liverpool One Church
Nouveau Connections Smoke Grey
Nouveau Connections at Liverpool One Church
The tiles are 1/4 turned to provide a checkerboard effect.

We recommended Nouveau Connections, our best-selling commercial carpet tile, and after seeing samples of the tile they jumped on board with our recommendation.

We supplied the tile and many of the energetic volunteers at the church fitted the tiles – showing just how easy laying carpet tiles can be – even to the novice! As you can see from the pictures, the tiles were fitted with a ¼ turn twist which gives a great checkerboard effect across the floor.

The official launch date of the new church building is the 1st October 2017 but the church have already moved into the new building and have been enjoying the good weather, with after-service BBQs outside the church on Sunday evenings.

Here at DCTUK we supply and often fit carpet tiles and vinyl in hundreds of churches across the UK each year – and not just churches. We also provide support to mosques, synagogues and other places of worship with their flooring requirements.

Some recent projects we've been involved with include the new build project at Burbage Methodist Church, providing Nouveau Eclipse carpet tiles to the new church projects at Vineyard Trent, and also supplying Heuga 530 carpet tiles to Riverside Church.

If your place of worship needs a new flooring solution – why not give us a shout? We’d love to help. Call us on 0345 222 1544.