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A Milliken collection for every interior

Annabelle Harris

A Milliken collection for every interior

Bold, daring and traditional

The in-house design team at Milliken HQ sure are busy-bees and over the years Milliken have released a huge variety of fan-dabby-dosic collections and the best thing about them you ask? They’re all so unique.

Milliken products are designed to force you out of your carpet tile comfort zone with their one of a kind show-stopping designs. So if you’re ready to leave the safety net of monochrome, Milliken have got your back.

Milliken carpet tiles are ideal for any commercial or residential spaces that need a lil’ injection of va va voom.

Milliken Fixation

Oh, we're Fixated on Milliken's Fixation Collection. A palette of deeply saturated and high energy brights are counter balanced by beautifully blended earthy tones and pastel neutrals. They may look soft but there is nothing soft about how hard wearing this six-part collection is. Rated a wear classification of Class 33 and protected from muddy feet and clumsy hands thanks to StainSmart technology, these tiles are suitable for areas where footfall is high. Dynamic, innovative and superbly stylish, Milliken Fixation it is every design lovers dream. 


Milliken Laylines

Lively and vibrant, this three part collection reveals passion and intensity with its flurries of lines, striking the ideal balance between style and substance. Produced using 100% nylon fibres, these tufted loop tiles boast wear-resistant, self-repairing, fire-resistant and anti-static properties, lending themselves perfectly to both domestic and public interiors. Laylines is also made with StainSmart, the durable performance feature providing unmatched protection for your carpet against stains and soils. Laylines is a breathtaking collection sure to modernise your space.


Milliken Clerkenwell

A place re-energised and transformed into one of the most important design hubs in the world, Clerkenwell is where things happen and people get inspired. Inspired by London’s creative hub, the Clerkenwell collection will leave you feeling in the hustle and bustle of the busy capital thanks to its rich and diverse designs. Produced using ECONYL yarn, these tiles are super environmentally friendly as the material used to make these tiles has been fished out from the ocean and turned into yarn, pretty cool right? From the sharp angles of Three Corners & Ely Place to the quirky circular designs of Time Piece and Circle Top, Clerkenwell is perfect for anyone looking to make a statement.


Milliken Crafted Series

Combining the nostalgia of the hand-made with the power of modern technology, Crafted Serires features twist and turns, repeated and singular and interwoven and sequential. Designed to build a relationship with your interior, there is a colour and design to fulfil all your design needs. Produced using high-performance ECONYL yarn featuring up to 74% recycled content and 7% post consumer content, this hard-wearing carpet tile will withstand the test of time making it ideal for any commercial project. Be sure to make your flooring the centre of attention with Milliken Crafted Series


Milliken Tracing Landscapes

Biophillic design is sweeping through the interior design world due to its ability to improve health and well being and it’s urban aesthetic. Tracing Landscapes is inspired by the world surrounding us, from sheltered bays to rolling hills and shapes and textures that have been sculptured over time. Featuring a tufted textured tip shear pile and an intensive castor chair use rating, this carpet tile mimics our environment AND also saves it! Whether it’s a soft neutral or a striking statement shade you’re after, this simple and subtle collection provides the perfect backdrop for any space large or small.


Milliken Artistic Liberties

Like marmite, you’ll either love or hate this collection (spoiler alert: we love it). Artistic Libertes combines street art with classical references resulting in a clash of colours and design styles. Timely or timeless traditional designs are reinterpreted to change opinions and challenge comfort zones. Offering a vintage and distressed look with a modern twist, the complete chaotic clash of colours and styles all tile beautifully together to produce a unique and harmonising collection like no other. This ECONYL tufted structured loop pile carpet tile has not only got Stainsmart properties and bright colourways but it also comes with a huge 12 year guarantee. Are you brave enough?


Milliken Arctic Survey

This luxury textured loop carpet plank (taller and thinner than a tile) takes its style and design from the formation of ice.These gorgeous planks reflect the natural beauty of the arctic and boy don’t they do it well. Using different piles heights and a textured loop pile to mimic, Arctic Survey aims to reflect layers of an iceberg that has taken centuries to form. Boasting a HUGE thickness of 11.8mm, whether the temperature is hot or cold, Arctic Survey will keep your feet warm and cosy. From offices to breakout areas, these commercially graded nylon tiles may look soft but don’t be fooled, stains are afraid thanks to Stainsmart technology. Let’s beautify workspaces with Milliken Arctic Survey.


Did you know?

Milliken carpet tiles are produced right here in the UK in Wigan, the home of the pies, using ethical sourced and wherever possible, locally produced, materials. Milliken carpet tiles also come with a 90% recycled content cushion backing as standard. By offering a more comfortable surface to stand or walk on, it reduces fatigue and offers improved acoustics and superior appearance retention leading to an extended product life?!

Install Milliken carpet tiles on their own or mix & match within the collections to create a unique and extraordinary floor that any interior designer would be proud to put their name too. 

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