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Become as fixated on Milliken Fixations as we are!


Become as fixated on Milliken Fixations as we are!

Here at DCTUK we have become fixated on these Milliken Fixation carpet tiles. There is something unique about them. Install them on their own or combine the whole collection to create a show-stopping floor which any interior designer would be proud to put their name too.

It doesn't just end at the bright colours of Milliken Fixation; The whole collection is full of shapes from zigzags to tilts, there is nothing basic about these carpet tiles. Milliken carpet tiles come with cushion backing as standard. By offering a more comfortable surface to stand or walk on, it reduces fatigue, and through its acoustic properties, it reduces noise levels.

Fixation Brights

The Fixation Brights design consists of stripes of varying widths, introducing rhythm and energy to the classic precision of a traditional pinstripe through the use of bright colours

Nouveau Elite Linear
Milliken Fixation Brights

Fixation Accents

Fixation Accents carpet tiles are perfect for any project. With class 33 heavy commercial usage this carpet tile is perfect for use in offices, hotels, or any commercial space.

Nouveau Elite Linear
Fixations Accents

Fixation Neutrals

Milliken Fixation Natural may be a soft and neutral colour, but there is nothing soft about how hardwearing this carpet tile is. With class 33 usage and StainSmart protection, you can't go wrong with these carpet tiles.

Nouveau Elite Linear
Milliken Fixation Neutrals

Fixation Tilt

These tiles when laid make a masterpiece on any floor! Available in 9 colours these can be combined with Milliken Fixation Neutral and Brights to create a unique floor for any individual.

Nouveau Elite Linear
Fixations Accents

Fixation ZigZag

Fixation Zigzag takes a striped design, three colours and a zigzag pattern to create carpet tiles everyone is queuing up to get. Mix and match these with other Fixations to create a show-stopping floor.

Nouveau Elite Linear
Milliken Fixation Zigzag

Fixation Trio

For Milliken Fixation Trio three is the magic number. A linear stripe, with three horizontal stripes, and three different colours. This hardwearing nylon tile is available in 10 different colourways.

Nouveau Elite Linear
Fixations Trio

Free Samples

Getting your mitts on some samples is a great way to establish what the carpet tile feels like and looks like in the flesh (or fabric). Carpet tiles are a very touchy feely kinda product and we understand that most of them are best appreciated in person. It's also an even better way to test your cleaning products on them, and be amazed by it's StainSafe properties.