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New to Carpet tiles? Here's a quick guide to help


New to Carpet tiles? Here's a quick guide to help

We’re in the midst of a carpet tile take over and carpet rolls are becoming a thing of the past. So, we have decided to give you the low-down on all things carpet tile.

There are many reasons why the popularity of carpet tiles has boosted in recent years, such as the fairly easy DIY approach of laying them yourself rather than spending all that money on a carpet fitter.

Carpet tiles are more popular in your commercial areas such as schools, airports, hospitals and some shops, but this isn’t what’s causing the rise of people purchasing carpet tiles. They are getting more and more popular in residential premises.

What is a carpet tile?

Carpet tiles tend to come in a size of 50cm x 50cm, but some places allow you to buy them in other sizes. Each tile is made up of a backing, and a pile. The pile on the carpet is what gives the carpet its design and texture.

50cm x 50cm Carpet Tiles
Pile Types

Choosing A Carpet Tile

When you are picking your carpet tiles, you may wish to consider which room it is that you are going to be fitting them in.

At first, you may see a tile that you are happy with - say it’s a plain tile for instance - if you take into consideration what the whole room may look like, you may consider that you wish to have some sort of pattern or design on your floor. You could easily achieve this by doing something as simple as replacing a few random tiles with a different colour tile.

gold room
Plain Tiles 
gold carpets
Designed Tiles

Pros of Having carpet tiles

Some of the main pros of carpet tiles come down to the maintenance of them. They are easy to clean, as you can easily just remove them from the floor and place them back at any time. Even if you can’t clean a tile, you can simply just replace the tile.

Get your Free Sample

Getting your mitts on some samples is a great way to establish what the carpet tile feels like and looks like in the flesh (or fabric). Carpet tiles are a very touchy feely kinda product and we understand that most of them are best appreciated in person so click the blue button next to the price and within 48 hours a sample will arrive through your letterbox.