New Year, New Things


New Year, New Things
It’s been a crazy last few months for our team. We have we undertaken an incredible move to a brand new premises with a huge double warehouse and brand spanking new offices. Not only that, we have given our beloved ‘Discount Floors 4 U’ a complete facelift and have brought to the world the very snazzy looking ‘Floors UK’.

It turns out we are huge fans of the craziness, as once we got started; we haven’t been able to stop. We pride ourselves on our customer service here over at Discount Carpet Tiles and Floors UK and we would like to think that our passion speaks for volumes.Recently, on one rainy afternoon, that we had a power cut. The lights going off in the building made the light bulbs in our head turn on. We realised that we were missing something we have never had before – a slogan.

It was important to us to get across the fact that we absolutely love being involved in every project, no matter how big or small, and that we take pleasure in knowing that we supply the best (and only the best) products from the lead name manufacturers across Europe.So after a brief team huddle, it became clear that our slogan shouldn’t be too fancy and should just only reflect the motto that we believe in. Therefore I would like to present to you… *drum roll please*... dctuk and how could we forget… floorsuk.