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Parquet your way with Tarkett Segno Wood

Naomi Kenny

Parquet your way with Tarkett Segno Wood

What is Tarkett Segno engineered wood flooring?

If you’re after authentic, real wood flooring, then you’re in luck because Tarkett Segno Wood is here to save the day.

Not to be confused with Luxury Vinyl Tiles, Segno Wood is superbly engineered wood treated with Hardwax Oil which forms a protective film on the surface of the wood, perfect if you’re looking for a more natural wood finish while also protecting it. Gone are the days of only using the herringbone pattern in school halls because this style of flooring is EVERYWHERE. The planks are 12cm x 60cm, making them the perfect size for the trendy pattern. Oak is a warm, natural coloured wood that will bring character to any interior design concept and will mature beautifully and last years, just like the Queen. The price tag is also to royal standards but we’ll get to why that is later on.

What colours are in Tarkett Segno Wood Collection?

The Limestone shade is a gorgeous take on the timeless white washed wood effect. It’s ideal for adding a fresh and spacious feel to any interior. 

Blondes have more fun! Oak Blonde is a warm toned wood that will perfectly match with lighter colour schemes for a more subtly styled room.


The Original’s are always better. The classic Oak look sometimes doesn’t need a lot of fuss, it’s natural colour is inspiring enough. All Tarkett has done to this one is “ add a touch of maturity to give additional richness & colour depth.” 

When classic meets contemporary, you get Oak Old Grey. It’s a cooler toned shade that will most definitely bring some character into your interior. 

If you want to add drama to your interior, Oak Old Brown is the colour to choose. It’s warm, it’s lucious, it oozes sophistication and adds a sense of heritage to your home. 


What's the difference between wood flooring and luxury vinyl tiles (LVT)?

Well, the two flooring products may look the same but they’re very different. 

Wood flooring is pretty self explanatory, it is in fact, flooring made from real wood. Wood is used for flooring because it looks superb, compliments any interior choice and it’s strong and durable. Not only does it add a touch of heritage to your home, it also adds a lot of value to it. Although it is more prone to scratching than LVT, some wood collections already have top coats and you can also purchase them. The great thing about Segno wood is that it already has a protective layer of Hardwax Oil, what an added bonus! 

LVT comes in a range of different styles, such as tiles, planks, herringbone and more. It replicates the beauty of traditional wood and stone flooring.The top layer usually has a protective coat which prolongs it’s longevity. LVT is amazing for commercial spaces, kitchens and bathrooms because of how durable, waterproof and hygienic it is. We have all the creams of the crops right here at DCTUK, you should really take a look if on the lookout for some flooring.