Say hello to LG luxury vinyl flooring


Say hello to LG luxury vinyl flooring

That's right, there's a new kid on the block and if you've been on the hunt for the perfect alternative to traditional hard flooring solutions then you're going to just love this one. You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that we only sell carpet tiles, I mean, Discount Carpet Tiles does kind of suggest that’s the case. However if you’re new to DCTUK or just haven’t had chance to look around the site yet, what you might not know about us is that we also sell lots of lovely laminate flooring at even more lovely price points. Modular carpet might be our speciality but get a load of LG…

A brand of many talents

The brains behind the latest addition to our growing luxury vinyl (LVT) collection is LG - the mega multination, Korean corporation once known as Lucky Goldstar. Now when I’m brushing my teeth, tying my shoelaces and making breakfast all at the same time every morning, I always give myself mental pat on the back for such outstanding multitasking capabilities but I have to admit, these guys do put me to shame. Over the 69 years it has been in existence, LG has dabbled (and dominated) in everything from toothpaste and laundry detergent to mobile telephones and electricals. Who knew that the same conglomerate big-wig which designed your offices kitchen appliances are also responsible for the hardwearing-but-super-stylish vinyl planks beneath your feet?!

The LG Decoclick, Decotile 30 and Decotile 55 ranges that are now available to order both offline and online all come with a choice of 22 realistic wood finishes and 8 stylish stone effects but don't be fooled by their delicate appearance - LG vinyl is one tough contender. Traditional hard flooring is a clever, versatile and attractive thing, there’s no denying it, but it is also super susceptible to scratching and damage, which can be a costly thing to remedy. Opting for a realistic and durable vinyl alternative like any of these bad boys is the perfect way to achieve that fresh, natural aesthetic without having to worry about the lifespan of your floor.

The trusty trio

Decoclick and Decotile 30 are the perfect choice for light contract, domestic environments and will look just perfect in modern homes and traditional dwellings alike. Both of these ranges come with a 7 year guarantee so you can order with the confidence that your new floor is going to last. If these two are the little sisters of the family, then Decotile 55 is their tough older brother and comes complete with an impressive 10 year guarantee. Built to withstand the demands of heavy contract environments, Decotile 55 is the ideal choice for those public and commercial spaces where footfall is high and upkeep demands must be low. Whether you’re a commercial or residential customer, the easy-clean, long-lasting, fire-resistant properties are sure to tick your boxes.

Decoclick is installed using a quick and simple, click method so there’s no need for any messy glue or additional adhesive to keep your arrangement in place. However if you’ve got your beady eye on one of the Decotile ranges then you will need to head to our Essentials page and pick up some adhesive to make sure your new floor is securely in place.

Shop the ranges

- Decoclick (Wood) - £17.96 per m2

- Decoclick (Stone) - £17.96 per m2

- Decotile 30 (Wood) - £10.96 per m2

- Decotile 30 (Stone) - £10.96 per m2

- Decotile 55 (Wood) - £14.49 per m2

- Decotile 55 (Stone) - £14.49 per m2