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What’s so alluring about Forbo Allura?


What’s so alluring about Forbo Allura?

If you’re on the hunt for realistic looking wooden or stone flooring with the added benefits of strength and comfort, then you can quit searching because Forbo Allura is the answer to all your flooring needs!

Now, if you're one of those people who come back with 4 plates of food from the buffet because too much choice overwhelms you, your brain just might explode trying to choose what Allura flooring you want. Wood? Stone? Terrazzo? Click? Stick? Don't worry, we're here to help you choose your dream flooring.

What’s so alluring about Forbo Allura?

According to Forbo, “Allura has always been made with passion and knowledge and represents the next generation of flooring” So what is so alluring about Allura?

The design aspect. Forbo use large print rollers which reduces pattern repeating, enhancing the realism!

Performance. The incredible wear layer reduces cleaning and maintenance efforts.

It’s sustainable. It’s Produced using 100% electricity from renewable sources!

What’s stickdown, flex and click pro?

Okay so there are 3 options to most Allura LVT products, which are Stickdown (dryback), Flex and Click Pro. Let us go into a little more depth.

Stickdown (dryback)

Allura Stickdown/dry back basically means the planks are glued down on a suitable subfloor which gives you a permanent solution with long lasting performance. You will need to buy adhesive with your order, to, you know, stick it to the floor with. Here’s our best selling adhesive.

Click Pro

Allura Click is a quick to install flooring solution. As it can be installed without any requirement for flooring adhesives and is simply fitted over Allura click Underlay. Couple of clicks and snaps and you’re good to go!


Allura Flex is the fancy name Forbo gives to their looselay solution which does not require adhesive but you might want to use a spray adhesive to tack it to the floor.

Flex along with Click can also be used along side Tessera carpet tiles because of their 5mm gauge. Flex also has a 1mm transparent wear layer to withstand the toughest commercial environments. So basically your floor won't get scuffed up the second you lay it down.

Now that you’re up to speed on all the technical jargon, take a look at what Forbo Allura have got to offer here at DCTUK.