Black Carpet Tiles - Grey Carpet Tiles

For those classic greyscale carpet tile combinations that will withstand the test of time like a good old film noir.

Welcome to the dark side

Like Audrey Hepburn and James Stewart have shown us, some things just look better in black and grey so turn the saturation down and feast your eyes on this monochrome mixed bag. Whether you’re looking to shoot for the stars with an inky ebony or stay grounded with more subtle gravel grey carpet tiles, we’ve got the hue for you. Colours from this end of the spectrum make for a timeless solution that will look great in any interior. Find your perfect black or grey carpet tiles today at DCTUK.

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Black carpet tiles for the home or workplace

Whether you’re looking to create a certain level of ambiance with an entire grey and black interior or simply want to experiment by adding elements of this sophisticated colour palette into an already decorated home, you will find black or grey carpet tiles to accompany your design vision. Don’t have a design vision or struggling with that certain something when it comes to decoration? We can help with our super swanky design lab, packed full of ideas, endless possibilities and people that really know their stuff when it comes grey carpet tiles and more. Whether you’re the super cool, clean cut type that wants grey and black everrrrything or fancy yourself as a little avant garde when it comes to creativity and are looking for grey or black carpet tiles with a little je ne sais quoi, we have something guaranteed to suit. Try sophisticated, plain grey vinyl that works perfectly in a Scandi-style space to grey fleck carpet tiles to break up your current décor. Not sure if you like grey, but don’t want black either? Charcoal grey carpet tiles might be just the ticket – a stylish colour that remains on-trend as the seasons change, evolving easily if you wish to edit walls and furnishings.