Modulyss ComfortBack Carpet Tiles

Dive into the cushy, eco-friendly universe of Modulyss ComfortBack at DCTUK.com, where we're putting a bouncy spring in your step and a big green thumbs-up to the planet! This nifty little backing is a superhero in disguise: made from 90% recycled content polyester felt, it's lightweight yet tough enough to bounce back from endless foot traffic. Think of it as a mini-trampoline under each tile, keeping the fibers above from tiring out. But wait, there's more! ComfortBack isn't just about making your floors feel like clouds; it's about loving our Earth too. With its high recycled content and no-nonsense approach to chemicals, it’s a win-win for your space and the environment. This backing boosts the lifespan of Modulyss carpet tiles, making them easier to install, quieter, and oh-so-comfy. It's not just flooring; it's a comfort revolution!

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