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Ultimate Budget Slayers

For the new businesses on a budget, the tight arses, the accountants, the penny pinchers, the bargain hunters - the BEST quality at the LOWEST prices. All made in the UK or the EU, in the most environmentally friendly factories, but without the Greta surcharge. These ranges are our ultimate budget slayers, allowing you to save more money for the Christmas party.
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The Mid Rangers 🤠

Well shucks, pardner, you've stumbled upon the mid-range carpet tiles from our fancy Nouveau Collection. They're the perfect blend of affordability and top-notch quality - right in the middle of the trail. It's the sweet spot between savin' your hard-earned pennies and splurgin' on the finer things in life. You can buy 'em with confidence online, and rest assured you're gettin' the best of both worlds. So what are you waitin' for? Saddle up and come on down to shop with our trusty Rangers!
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A Bit Posh Like

Indulge in our exquisite a la carte selection of ranges - truly, the creme de la creme. As you peruse these distinguished carpet tile collections, abandon any concerns of budgetary constraints, though I do jest. Ok we'll drop the posh persona, but seriously, these premium carpet tile ranges from Nouveau are literally premium without the *gulp* price tag. Greater denser piles (ooh matron!), enhanced color variations, and a notably more enduring life-cycle, these carpet tiles just scream "Look at how much money I have" but the secret will stay between us.
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Sale now on SAVE 34%
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Nouveau ComfyBack

Discover ComfyBack carpet tiles from Nouveau - the best sound protection (32dB) plus super soft feeling underfoot, like you're walking on air!

What's our best selling carpet tile, you say?

Well Nouveau Basics has been an absolute stormer of a carpet tile for a long time now. It can be used in both commercial and residential settings due to it's tough build, but has good enough colour pallette to suit lots of different room and workspace environments.

If want a bit more information then watch this video where Charlotte talks you through the range and shares some of the great features of Nouveau Basics. Also, don't forget these carpet tiles are delivery next working day via DPD tracked delivery, so you will always receive a 1 hour timeslot for your delivery.

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Carpet tiles for the workplace, from Nouveau

These Nouveau carpet tiles have a high resistance to dirt and are equipped to withstand high amounts of footfall – whether that’s in a busy office or amongst the chaos of tiny feet at home. Our range of Nouveau carpet tiles don’t just come in your average brown or black, in fact, there’s a whole host of different colours, textures or patterns for you to choose from, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. Experiencing a creative block? Why not check out our design journal – packed full of hints and tips on how to truly transform a space, with the help of DCTUK’s fantastic selection of carpet tiles. No matter whether you’re going for the earthy tones of Nouveau Nature, or dream of creating a fun, vibrant space with Nouveau Shift, you can rely on DCTUK’s professional fitters to do a top-notch job when fitting out your chosen spec. There’s nothing better than freshly fitted carpet tiles (ok, there’s few things better) in your workplace and at DCTUK we can vouch for how much of a difference a brand-new set of carpet tiles will make to your interior. Shop your favourite online today at DCTUK.