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Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Carpet Tiles

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Images shown above are faithful replications of the actual colour but monitors & screens display colours differently. Always request a sample if you are unsure. Some LVT products show feature strips within the image. These are not supplied with the tiles and must be bought separately.
Colour(s) shown in room photograph above:  Snowy Day, Dove, Gun Metal & Jet
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£10.50 inc VAT
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Please order only in multiples of 18 tiles.


Going, going... gone!

Sorry, this product or certain colours from this product are no longer available as they have been discontinued by the manufacturer. If we have a suitable alternative it will be listed below.

If you don't like our alternative, our awesome sales team will be able to help you find another alternative.

Just call 0345 222 1544 or Livechat with us.

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Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Aluminium 9839
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Baby Seal 910057
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Battleship 9489
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Bayleaf 9848
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Black Pepper 9481
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Blackboard 910066
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Champagne 910068
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Charcoal 9017
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Citrus 9430
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Creme Caramel 9842
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Dark Incense 910067
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Dolphin 9854
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Dove 9488
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Dusty Quartz 910069
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Edony Dusk 910065
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Eiderdown 910073
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Fallow 9841
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Flax 9763
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Flint 9570
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Fossil 9852
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Frosty Glass 910070
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Graphite 9739
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Greyhound 9171
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Greyscape 910086
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Gruffalo 910064
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Gull Grey 910074
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Gunmetal 9490
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Haemite 910072
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Iron 9760
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Ivy 9742
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Jet 9484
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Lemongrass 910075
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Limoncello 910087
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Marshmellow 9856
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Metal 9741
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Mocha Wisp 910077
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Nimbus 9845
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Oak Apple 910079
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Pale Walnut 910071
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Quail Egg 9834
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Sepia 9441
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Silver Mink 9398
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Slate 9482
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Smoke 9599
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Snow Day 910054
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Sparrow 910076
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Tendril 910078
Forbo Westbond Colour - Greens/Greys Tumeric 9391
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This Forbo collection will quite literally have you dreaming in technicolour! 

The Westbond Colour collection has that many shades to choose from they’ve had to split it up into 3 ranges: Forbo Westbond Colour Reds/Pinks, Blues/Greens and Greens/Greys. You will be utterly spoilt for choice like a kid in a candy shop with this one.

Manufactured in the UK, these fusion bonded, 50x50cm carpet tiles provide you with unlimited design possibilities; you are able to create the most fun and unique spaces only having to use one product.

Red and yellow and pink and green, orange and purple and blue… Hell, no! Forbo Westbond Colour makes the colours of the rainbow look as exciting as a root canal.

Key Features

  • Colour match available
  • Wool and wool deluxe also available
  • Huge variety of colours
  • Freedom to create truly individual floors
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Block colour carpet tile


  • Size:
  • Construction:
  • Composition:
  • 50cm x 50cm
  • Fusion bonded cut pile
  • 100% polyamide
  • Pile height/wear layer:
  • Pile weight:
  • Total thickness:
  • 5 mm
  • 950 gsm
  • 8.1 mm
  • Guarantee:
  • Castor chair rating:
  • Wear classification:
  • 10 year(s)
  • Suitable for use
  • Class 33
1-40 tiles
41-80 tiles
81-120 tiles
121-160 tiles
161-240 tiles
241-400 tiles
401+ tiles
Order by phone only
Order by phone only


If ordered before 4pm this product is delivered within:

2-3 working days
Please be aware that these timescales are subject to availability and stock levels. If you require guaranteed next day delivery please telephone us on 0345 222 1544 0345 222 1544. If you order online, an email will be sent to you within 2 hours (Mon-Fri) with an estimated delivery date. If this date is not suitable, please contact our Dispatch team to change it.
If you live in one of the following post code areas you CAN place an order online but you will be contacted by phone within 48 hours of placing an order online to arrange delivery. This is due to the proximity of the location: AB36-38, AB55-56, FK17-21, HS1-9, IV1-39, IV52-54, IV40-51, IV55-56, IV63, KW1-14, PA21-40, PH19-26, PH30-41, PH49-50, HS1-9, KA27-28, KW15-17, PA20, PA41-49, PA60-78, PH42-44, ZE1-3. These postcode areas may incur an additional delivery charge - approximate costs are detailed in the table above. These are estimated prices which as subject to change. We reserve the right to add/amend postcodes to this list at any stage. All timings shown are in working days. For Next Day delivery call for availability and pricing information. Any order that includes screed or feathering products has a minimum delivery charge of £38.00.

Commercial Fitting

Here at DCTUK, we want to making finding the perfect flooring solution a real breeze so we always go that extra mile. After we've found the carpet tiles or vinyl to suit your project requirements, we roll up our sleeves and lay them for you too. We offer our bespoke installation service for orders of over 50m2 and call upon our team of expert fitters to make sure you achieve that professional finish every time.

Carpet Tile Fitting

Straight lay

If the subfloor you're working with is already in great condition, we can simply come in and install the carpet tiles for you. Straight up. From £3.75m2

Uplift and Dispose

Should you require disposal of existing carpet tiles before a new product is laid, then this is the service for you. From £3.50m2

Uplift and Fit

If you need us to take up the old tiles first, we can do that too. We'll remove all existing tiles before laying the new floor. From £5.25m2

Uplift, Fit and Dispose

As well as taking up any old tiles and fitting the new floor, we can also hire a skip and dispose of the mess too. From £7.50m2

Uplift, Dispose, Fit and Move Furniture

The same as Uplift, Dispose and Fit, but we'll clear your office of furniture and return the office back to normal after the fit. Zero hassle. POA

Subfloor Preparation

If your subfloor needs a bit of TLC, we can screed the floor to make it even and ensure the longevity of your new floor. From £2.00m2

Vinyl fitting
Straight lay

If your floor is in tip-top condition, a straight lay is all you need. If you're not sure, we can provide a free site survey to check this for you. From £7.00m2

Uplift and Straight Lay

If your need us to take away the old vinyl or carpet tiles first, we can do that no problem for just £1 per metre more. From £8.00m2

Uplift, Straight lay and Dispose

Not only will we uplift the existing floor, but we'll fit the vinyl and dispose of all the mess as well. From £9.50m2

Lay, Cap and Cove

Usually required in clean environments such as dentists, hospitals and schools - our cap and cove service will leave you with a professional first-class finish. From £9.50m2

Uplift, Lay, Cap and Cove

The same as Lay, Cap and Cove but we will also remove the existing flooring before fitting the new vinyl. From £11.00m2

Uplift, Lay, Cap & Cove, Dispose

The same as Uplift, Lay, Cap and Cove but we will also dispose of the existing flooring leaving no mess in the affected area. From £12.50m2


Up to 15 steps. From £180.00. 16 to 30 steps. From £280.00. 31 to 60 steps. From £350.00. Over 60 steps: Price on application.

LVT Fitting
Straight lay

If the subfloor you're working with is already in great condition, we can simply come in and install the carpet tiles for you. Straight up. From £10.00m2

Uplift and Straight Lay

If you need us to take up the old tiles first, we can do that too. We'll remove all existing tiles before laying the new floor. From £12.50m2

Uplift, Fit and Dispose

As well as taking up any old tiles and fitting the new floor, we can also hire a skip and dispose of the mess too. From £16.00m2

Uplift and Dispose

If you need an old floor lifting up and disposing of before the fit can take place. From £6.00m2

Site Visit

In the majority of cases we will need to carry out a site survey at your premises to ensure that you are quoted correctly for the work required. In our experience a site visit in advance will eliminate any hiccups on the way and ensure when the fit team arrives they can just get on with the job in hand.
We now provide a site survey FREE of charge.

Please also be aware that if you go for our Straight Lay surface but it later turns out that your subfloor isn't in such tip top condition, an additional surcharge may apply so we can sort it out for you. Unique flooring designs may also incur an additional cost but we can discuss those finer details over the phone.

Contingency fund

Please be aware that although we provide a free site survey which will usually eliminate problems at the fitting stage, we do reserve the right to charge a 20% contingency fee if extra materials and labour are required to complete the work.

Sub Floor Preparation

Your subfloor may need some TLC before work can begin. We charge the following for specialist subfloor prep work:

Feather: £2.00m2

Full scrape: £2.25m2

Patch screed: £2.00m2

Full screed: £3.50m2

Ply Fit: £2.60m2


Fitting transition strip: £3.00 per length

Fit sit on skirt: £3.00 per length

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