Flooring As Seen On Changing Rooms

Up to 60% off flooring supplied by DCTUK to the 2021 remake of Changing Rooms

"Hello DCTUK, it's Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, can you help?"

Seen some funky flooring products on the telly? Looking to get the same look for your home? Well you've come to the right place.

When we got the call from Team LLB we knew that only the best flooring products would cut the mustard. With a cardboard box overflowing with samples and a giddy skip in our step, we provided Laurence and his team with a whole host of flooring options for the new 2021 remake of Changing Rooms and over the coming weeks you'll see some amazing creations come to life, featuring DCTUK flooring.

As each episode beams onto your 50 inch ;) we'll be listing all the products Laurence, Russell and Jordan use throughout the series. Plus don't forget your can order free samples of these to try before your buy.

Episode 1: Laurence's 'Forever Peacocky' living room

Polyflor Forest FX PUR Parish Oak Parquet

Used by Laurence not only on the floor, but also half way up the wall! This sheet vinyl product is supplied in a roll format and can be easily cut to fit the desired space. If you're not keen on this parquet design, the collection does come in 18 different shades to pick from.

We supply this product in just 3-4 working days, plus we will fit it for you nationwide - just get in touch.

Polyflor Expona Flow PUR Infinity Raven 9866

Each of the linear patterns in Expona Infinity is composed of harmonious beige, gold and brown shades all blended together, eliminating the use of hard lines to create a softer, more organic appearance.

Used in this project as a feature element to the design, Expona Flow is soft underfoot, can be used below underfloor heating and has a 10 year guarantee.

Episode 2: Russell & Jordan's 'Less Is Amore' living room

Gerflor Marmorette 0023 Dusty Blue

Okay, so just to be clear, we are 100% Team LLB but in this episode Laurence and his crew didn't need our help buuuuut.... Russell and Jordan did use Gerflor's Marmorette linoleum quite extensively in their very "unique" living room design. If you're looking for this exact product we can supply this at internet-beating prices due to our close relationship with the guys and girls at Gerflor - just call us on 0345 222 1544 to get a quote.

Now we don't want to p*ss on Gerflor's chips but Marmorette does seem to us to be heavily based on the original Forbo Marmoleum linoleum which you can buy online at DCTUK.com and that is available in tiles or roll format. Shop the collection here.

Episode 3: Laurence's 'Ulterior Violet' living room

Paragon Vital Carpet Tiles

In this episode Laurence's uses our very own Paragon Vital carpet tiles, in colours 6310 and colour 2315. Although Paragon Vital is a commercial quality carpet tile, as you can see from this episode of Changing Rooms, carpet tiles CAN be used in a residential setting and still look fab!

Paragon Vital is made in Yorkshire and is a strong nylon tile. Buy online and we'll deliver to your door in just 2-3 working days.

Here at DCTUK we sell many different carpet tiles for the home - we call our own exclusive collection Nouveau Home. Shop all our residential carpet tiles here.

Episode 4: Laurence's 'Baha-Boho' Bedroom

Rawson Champion Carpet Tiles

In this episode Laurence's uses Rawson Champion carpet tiles, in colour sand. Although Rawson Champion is a commercial quality carpet tile, as you can see from this episode of Changing Rooms, carpet tiles CAN be used in a residential setting and still look amazing!

Rawson Champion is a heavy contract carpet tile in an interesting and heritage cobble design. Ideally suited for the discerning client looking for style and practicality.

This popular product remains the choice of many looking for a high wearing, easy to fit and economical answer to flooring needs. It arrives with the DCTUK 365 day returns policy - if you're not happy, swap your tiles within 365 days.

Episode 5:'The Villa Villainess' Bedroom

Desso Palatino Carpet Tiles

In this episode Laurence's uses Desso Palatino carpet tiles, in the colours 4020 and 1321. With this versatile collection of colourful carpet tiles, Desso have made it easy to perfect your version of beautiful.

This eclectic collection offers a whopping array of colourways to choose from so whether you’re looking for something trend-savvy to make a style statement or something subtle and timeless, we have the flooring solution to suit you.

If you’re sticking to a classic corporate aesthetic go for neutrals shades, or if you’ve got free reign to get creative, check out the more vibrant end of the spectrum.

Stay tuned for more episodes of Changing Rooms

You'll see more products from DCTUK in future episodes, so stay tuned and watch Changing Rooms each week for great design inspiration for your home.

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